March 2022 Newsletter

President’s Message – Mar. 2022

My 95th birthday is coming up next month and I’m still going strong. My thoughts – It’s important to stay active, even though some days I don’t feel like I want to do that. Staying healthy, listening to my body clues, visiting my primary doctor often and following his advice,  Read more...

How Does Our Garden Grow – March 2022

With the City of Temecula hosting an Urban Forest Summit in March, we should recognize that we already have an Urban Forest area at Rose Haven as well as having other trees scattered throughout the garden. When looking at the garden it seems to be almost treeless because we have  Read more...

Romantic Garden & Entrance Welcomes Bob & Dona Martin Roses

We had a hard-working crew, and we were able to dig holes, make gopher cages, and plant 19 of the Roses we adopted from Bob and Dona Martin’s Garden. This area of our garden is going to look spectacular in the spring. The three remaining Martin roses are planted next  Read more...

Rose Care FUNda­men­tals – March 2022

Boy, has it been crazy weather? Depending on your location—or more specifically, that of your garden—you may have experienced frost damage to your roses and tender young plants recently. Keep an eye on your roses: If you see that frost has actually killed new growth that came out after pruning,  Read more...

March 2022 Program

Date: Thursday, March 17, 2022 Time: 10:00 a.m. Place: Temecula Library, Community Room, 30600 Pauba Rd., Temecula Topic: Peace & Friendship Gardens Presenter: Kathy Trudeau Location:  Temecula Library, Community Room, 30600 Pauba Road. Our member Kathy Trudeau will be updating us on the Peace and Friendship Garden that is evolving at Rose Haven. Kathy will give  Read more...

Three Upcoming Events

Find out what's happening this month! Youth Group Volunteers, Urban Forest Summit and a Composting 101 Class.

Soil Farm Update

As the weather gets colder the cooking compost heats up with lots of organisms trying to keep warm by working hard. After Nardo and Monique turned the compost in C21 bin, the temperature rose from 80 to 146 overnight! Give those little bugs some oxygen and they pump up the  Read more...

March Board & Committee Meetings

❖ Tuesday, March 8: Compost Crew, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Rose Haven (see note below) ❖ Wednesday, March 9: Finance Committee, 3 p.m. at Rose Haven ❖ Thursday, March 10: Board Meeting, 10 a.m. at Grace Mellman Library Community Room ❖ Thursday, March 17: Member Meeting, 10 a.m.  Read more...

Bob & Dona Martin Roses Featured at Rose Haven Garden

Our fabulous rose swat team ‘adopted’ 22 rose bushes from the Martin’s garden. How generous of Dona to consider letting those who love roses help keep their passion alive. We will be ‘fostering’ them until we decide where they’d like to live. A special collection from this group will be  Read more...

Rose Haven Flora – March 2022

Our California native plants are beginning to show off their vivid displays at the garden. One outstanding example is the Toyon shrub, covered right now with bright red-orange berries.

Upcoming 2022 Plant Sale and Educational Opportunities

Learn about upcoming plant sales and opportunities for learning!

Rose Haven Flora – October 2022

Autumn has arrived and with the cooler weather the roses at the garden are becoming robust once again. One of the most vigorous is Grand Dame a hybrid tea with vivid deep pick petals and very full blooms. Its fragrance is like the perfume of the ‘old time’ roses.

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