Romantic Garden & Entrance Welcomes Bob & Dona Martin Roses

by Kathy Trudeau

We had a hard-working crew, and we were able to dig holes, make gopher cages, and plant 19 of the Roses we adopted from Bob and Dona Martin’s Garden. This area of our garden is going to look spectacular in the spring. The three remaining Martin roses are planted next to the entrance way. The Romantic Garden is also getting ‘dressed up’ with a new pathway to match the Peace and Friendship garden.

Thank you Monique, and her two daughters Bella and Emma, Nancy and Roger, Florence, Diane, Byron and Kathy. We were also greatly assisted by Monique’s landscaper, Miguel, who was a real trooper in dealing with all the rocks.

We also appreciate all the work Jill has done turning our dirt to soil. The new roses in the Bob and Dona Martin collection by the gazebo benefited from her efforts.