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2015 Rose Show

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Temecula Valley Rose Society

"May Pole"

May Pole

2015 Annual Rose & Art Show

April 25th 8:30 - 10:00
Open to Entries
10:00 - 3:00 pm Open to the Public

Temecula Valley Assistance League Meeting Room
28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula CA

Division 1: Horticultural Rules
1) This show is open to the public as well as TVRS members.

2) All exhibitors must register their name and address at the Registration Table before entering roses.

3) Entries will be accepted between 8:30 and 10:00 am. Entries will not be accepted after 10:00 am.

4) Only ARS entry tags may be used in Division 1. The tag must be filled out and folded prior to entry.

5) Rose classifications must be written on entry tags. Use Section, Class PLUS Variety (rose name).

6) Classification of roses will be in accordance with the latest edition of Modern Roses Official List of Approved Exhibition Names for Judges', Exhibitors Handbook for Selecting Roses, Combined Rose List or the New Rose Registration in the American Rose. All roses must be exhibited under the ARS exhibition names as listed in bold type in the ARS Handbook for Selecting Roses. A rose variety need not be registered with the ARS to be exhibited in this show, but must be listed in an ARS recognized publication. ARS publications take priority over the Combined Rose List.

7) Wedging or support materials are permitted. Materials must not show above the rim of the vase.

8) Roses must have been grown in the exhibitor's outdoor, private garden. Only one exhibitor or team from one garden may enter any one class. More than one entry of the same variety from the same garden in any one class will disqualify all such entries.

9) Containers will be furnished on a first-come, first- served basis by the Temecula Rose Society.

10) The placement committee will place the roses.

11) This is a color arranged Show. Each Variety will constitute a separate group within the class and will be judged on its merit for that variety.
The responsibility for proper identification and classification lies with the exhibitor.

12) Avoid Disqualification. ARS rules governing disqualifications will be strictly adhered to, including: misnamed, misclassified, mislabeled, or unlabeled. The rules do not allow stem-on-stem. If a rose is disqualified the reason will be noted on the tag.

13) Judging will be in accordance with the current Guidelines and Rules for Judging Roses. The Judges' decisions are final.

14) The Temecula Valley Rose Society will not be liable for any loss or damage. All entries become the property of the society during the show hours.

15) Roses will be moved only by official rose show personal and only in extreme circumstances during show.

16) Exhibitors wishing to keep their roses must remove promptly between 3:00 and 3:15 pm and will clean all debris from their vases. Roses that are not picked up will be come the property of the Temecula Valley Rose Society.

Division 1: Horticulture

Section A. Hybrid Teas (HT), Grandifloras (GR), Large Flowered Climbers (Lcl) Arranger Grown

Class 1 - Single Bloom: HT, GR, LCl - one bloom per stem, exhibition form. Eligible for BEST in Class

Class 2 - Floribunda FL, LCl - one bloom per stem, exhibition form Eligible for BEST in Class

Section B. Miniature & Miniflora Roses Arranger Grown

  Class 3 - Single Bloom: one bloom per stem, exhibition form Eligible for BEST in Class.

Division 2: Artistic Exhibit Rules

1) This is an artistic division: Stem-on-stem roses are allowed. Roses must be the dominant flower. Commercial roses are allowed only in Section C Blooming Art 2.

2) Any organic or inorganic, fresh or dried material is allowed in arrangements except for silk flowers.

3) Arrangers will follow rules for each artistic section. 4) ARS rules governing disqualifications will be strictly adhered to, including: misnamed, misplaced, misclassified, mislabeled or unlabeled. Unknown rose names must be labeled "Unknown".

5) Entries will be accepted between 8:30 and 10:00 am. Entries will not be accepted after 10:00 am.

6) Arrangers will place their own arrangements in designated reserved space on the tables. Arrangers will follow placement directions given by official rose show staff. Arrangers are responsible for the care (watering, etc.) of their arrangements.

7) Entries will not be moved by Arranger or any official rose show personnel after show opening and judging has begun except in extreme circumstances.

8) Artistic Classes will be judged by the show attendees. Judging will take place from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.

9) An Awards Presentation will be at 1:00 pm to award trophies. Awards do not necessarily have to remain with arrangements. Award recognition will be placed by the winning exhibit.

10) The Temecula Valley Rose Society will not be liable for any loss or damage. All entries become the property of the Society during the show hours.

11) Exhibitors will pick up their entries promptly between 3:00 and 3:15 pm. Entries not picked up become property of the Rose Society.

12) All artistic exhibitors must reserve space by notifying the Rose Show Coordinator no later than 8:00 pm, April 24th. Please call Frank Brines (951) 315-9632.

Division 2: Artistic Exhibits

Entries in each section eligible for BEST in Class.

Section A. Arrangements - Arranger's Choice - Types:

Traditional mass or line, Modern, Abstract, Freestyle or

Oriental. Type to be indicated on entry tag.

  Class 1 - Standard Arrangement - Arranger Grown: HT, GR, FL, LCL, Shr, OGR. Arrangements must not exceed 18" in width or depth.

  Class 2 - Miniature Arrangement - Arranger Grown.

    No more than 5" in height, width or depth - traditional line, abstract.

    No more than 10" in height, width or depth - traditional mass, freestyle.

  Class 3 - Rose in a Bowl - Arranger Grown: HT, GR, FL, LCL, Bowl 6" supplied at show.

  Class 4 - Rose in a Bowl - Arranger grown: mini in 4" bowl supplied at show.

Section B. Artistic Exhibits

  Class 1 - "Breakfast in Bed" - A functional informal breakfast tray featuring an artistic arrangement. No flatware is allowed.

  Class 2 - "Table Setting for Two" - A functional setting featuring an artistic arrangement. No flatware is allowed.

Section C. "Blooming Art"
Arranger must use one or more artistic elements in the interpretation (line, color, texture, value, etc.)
Arrangement to be placed on provided plant stand adjacent to correlating painting. Arranger can use fabric or other material over stand to complete design. Commercial flowers allowed. No silk.

Section D: Photography
Exhibitor's choice: Roses, parts of roses, rose gardens or gardens with roses

Photos may be black and white or colored and must not be larger than 8"x10". Photos and must be matted to 11"x14". All classes.

  Class 1 - Single Rose Blooms. Judging will be on the beauty of the rose, lighting, focus, and composition.

  Class 2 - Rose Scene. This may be a grouping or arrangement of roses, a rose dominated garden, or a portion of a rose dominated garden.

  Class 3 - Most Creative or Artistic.

Rose or rose dominating.

2015 Rose Show Photos

Show Winners

We held our 2015 Rose Show at the Temecula Assistance League meeting room on Saturday, April 25. Despite a cool and sometimes wet and windy day, attendance was good.

The theme this year was "Maypole" which featured an eight foot decorated maypole in the center of the room, topped with a floral display. Radiating from the pole were six tables, each having a different colored covering where our exhibitors' roses were displayed according to color. The colors were red (rose), orange (peach), yellow, lavender, white and pink, and included the Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora entries.

Surrounding this central theme area were four round tables which held the entries for breakfast trays, roses in bowls, mini and minifloras, and floribundas.

Along the outer walls were the displays of photography, table settings, standard and mini arrangements and blooming art, as well as a welcome table, refreshment table and an information table. Outside were the registration area, plant sale tables , and Master Gardener booth.

The six center tables and the two round tables holding the minis, minifloras and floribundas, and the rose themed photography displays were judged by our own judges, while the perimeter displays were voted on by the public, giving them the opportunity to participate in the show.

Activities included a raffle of six lovely gift baskets which raised over $200 and the plant sale, which brought in almost the same amount. Refreshments in the form of cookies and lemonade were available for the public, and a donation jar added a bit more revenue.

At 3:00 p.m. the winners of the raffle, the judging and the voting were announced and an awards ceremony was held. Congratulations to each of the recipients. The award winners were:

The Rose Show is a very important opportunity for us to share our love of roses with the community. The Rose Show committee wishes to thank all of the TVRS members and friends who volunteered to make this show a success. We especially want to thank those who donated items for the raffle, snacks, plant sale and awards. Hopefully, next year's show will be even better than this one!