President’s Message – Mar. 2022

Virginia Boos


My 95th birthday is coming up next month and I’m still going strong. My thoughts – It’s important to stay active, even though some days I don’t feel like I want to do that. Staying healthy, listening to my body clues, visiting my primary doctor often and following his advice, taking my medications faithfully, are all indications that I am taking care of myself. My advice: don’t give up the battle! We have a new member who can teach Tai Chi, noted to relieve stress, as well as strengthening and stretching tired muscles; more on that to follow soon.

I’ve had over 30 years as a member of TVRS. So much has happened since our beginning. We now own a special rose garden, a beautiful well-planned place with many memories for me. Individuals have come and gone, but are not forgotten. They willingly contributed their efforts with enthusiasm. On my Peace Pole my message says “Friendships and Memories since 1990”.