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What is a Pollinator Garden and why is it important?

The Temecula Valley Rose Society is creating a Pollinator Garden at the
Rose Haven Heritage Garden with the goal to utilize native plants that
attract native pollinators benefiting gardens, farms, and vineyards
throughout the Temecula Valley. The Pollinator Garden will strive for
conservation and preservation of both plants and pollinators.

Fundraising Goal $50,000

bumble bee


The Pollinator Garden will be the newest section to be developed in 2024 with a Global climate change message of caring for the earth by incorporating land-use practices known as permaculture, increasing habitat, improving soil, air, water, productivity, and health. This garden will include bird, butterfly, bee, insect, and bat habitats attracting these pollinators to the many SoCal native plant species that will be showcased.

The layout will address water capture and erosion control with rock-lined basins meandering throughout, enhanced by 4 walking bridges, Zuni bowls, and educational signs explaining the benefits of this type of purposeful landscaping design. A new Education Area will include benches for presentations and seminars to learn more about these features.

Both past and future garden additions serve to educate and promote global issues that affect us all, including soil and water sustainability, the pollination of our plants and the health of our wildlife.

Pollinator Garden Map



This is an outstanding opportunity for members of our community to join our 3-year master plan restoring and renovating the Garden, be recognized as a donor and become a permanent part of this enchanting Garden.

Additional sponsorship opportunities and recognition available for
larger donors


coming in 2024

Offered by Temecula Valley Rose Society

Rose Haven Heritage Garden is privately owned and maintained by the nonprofit Temecula Valley Rose Society.