Rose Haven Flora – March 2022

Bonnie Bell

Our featured rose this month is the shrub rose “Mutabilis”, also known as the Butterfly Rose. It was introduced prior to 1894 and is one of the most famous old garden roses. The brilliant colorations of copper, honey yellow, orange and vivid pink are a sensation to see when in full bloom.

Mutabilis is a repeat blooming China single rose with five petals, 3 inch blossoms, and grows to six feet tall in our area. The ARS rating is 8.9. At the garden, ours were neglected for several years but now Monique has been working diligently to resurrect them to their full glory. Thank you, Monique. You will find Mutabilis planted along the back fence between the gazebo and peace pole area.
Photo credit is by Waterwise Botanicals.