Articles by Kathy Trudeau

Peace and Friendship Garden – What’s Next?

The Peace (white) and Friendship (yellow) roses are planted and mulched. It looks spectacular! In addition to our bed of beautiful Peace roses, the Friendship bed of yellow roses features Golden Celebration roses, by David Austin, Ch-Ching roses and Sunsprite roses.

Peace & Friendship Garden is Blooming

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers who planted 136+ roses and plants over a one week period. Byron and Kathy, Nancy and Roger, Monique and Bella, Florence, Diane, and Suellen — you did an amazing job. Landscapers Miguel Banuelos and two from Park West Landscaping helped dig many of the holes.

Bob & Dona Martin Roses Featured at Rose Haven Garden

Our fabulous rose swat team ‘adopted’ 22 rose bushes from the Martin’s garden. How generous of Dona to consider letting those who love roses help keep their passion alive. We will be ‘fostering’ them until we decide where they’d like to live. A special collection from this group will be  Read more...

Peace & Friendship Garden Update

Phase 2 is underway with site and irrigation preparations. Eight Ch‑Ching yellow roses from the original Boos Courtyard were transplanted from their holding place in the Tree of Life by Monique W, Florence R, and Kathy T. Not easy work, but Monique made sure the task was completed!

Romantic Garden & Entrance Welcomes Bob & Dona Martin Roses

We had a hard-working crew, and we were able to dig holes, make gopher cages, and plant 19 of the Roses we adopted from Bob and Dona Martin’s Garden. This area of our garden is going to look spectacular in the spring. The three remaining Martin roses are planted next  Read more...