Little Rose Show

Virginia Boos

Enjoyed our Little Rose Show at the April meeting, after a long hiatus. It was well received. Our judge, Frank Brines, commented on the entries, pointing out positive features as well as negative ones. Results as follows:

Rose of the Day – ‘Rainbow Sunblaze’ by Linda Freeman.

First: ‘Jeanne Lajoie’ by Phyllis Bettelheim; ‘Fabulous!’ by Virginia Boos; ‘Smokin’ Hot’ by Virginia Boos; ‘Iceberg’ by Virginia Boos.

Second; ‘St. Patrick’ by Kathy Trudeau; ‘Dr. Huey’ by Linda Freeman; ‘Celestial Night’ by Linda Freeman; ‘Little Darling’ by Virginia Boos; ‘Cupcake’ by Virginia Boos; ‘Minnie Pearl’ by Virginia Boos.

Third: ‘Pink Peace’ by Kathy Trudeau.

Hoping that more of you will enter. I know it’s difficult to transport them, but so worth the trouble when we can see a table full of colorful blossoms. We always love to see what others are growing.