Last Call – Blooming Roses

Despite best efforts to get our roses dormant and making rosehips to get ready for pruning, many of us had gorgeous blooms from the warm January weather.

Ann Schryer’s garden was still producing beautiful blooms: Wenlock (red), Tigress (striped), and Sharon’s Delight (white) in a vinegar jar “vase.”

Wenlock (red), Tigress (striped), and Sharon's Delight (white) in a vinegar jar "vase."

Linda Freeman had an array of January bloomers: Tiffany, Tropicana, Julia Child, Gold Medal, Miniature Yellow Sunblaze, Showbiz, NOID pink tree rose and White Iceberg.

Kathy Trudeau’s garden was also blooming with Fragrant Cloud, Veterans Honor, Peace, Pink Peace and All Dressed Up