How Does Our Garden Grow – April 2022


Rebecca Weersing

To quote John Cage’s approach to getting something done: “Begin Anywhere”. This has definitely been our approach to our Youth Gardening Programs over the last 20-some years. There have been years with sparse programming and years with no programming and years with very successful programming. Some years we have done our programming with many of our members and some years we have collaborated with members of the Temecula Valley Garden Club and some years just one or two people carry the program and some years we are dormant due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. But every year we are dedicated to finding ways to encourage our youth in discovering the joys of nature.

We have had the most success with our Youth Gardening Programs when we have dedicated people available to plan the programs and dedicated people available to work those plans. Are you someone who is interested in planning programs and dedicated to the delight of executing those plans? If so, please join us at Rose Haven on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. for our first “Begin Anywhere” Youth Gardening Programming Meeting. We will review our past, decide on our present, and welcome the future.

Email me at with your thoughts, suggestions and comments. We are going to “Begin Again” in our effort to “Begin Anywhere”.