How Does Our Garden Grow – Feb. 2022


Rebecca Weersing

By Rebecca Weersing

Our garden certainly grows by those who volunteer in the garden, providing tender care and feeding to our existing plants and hardscape. Our garden also grows through planning future development and redevelopment of our 24 various garden areas. Our garden is a wonderful location for educating our community about the world of gardening and volunteers are needed to help create educational programs for all ages.

Judy Sundermann is looking for individuals interested in collaborating on the publication of a booklet that would describe all of the beautiful roses in our garden. Another form of volunteering for our garden is to join the Rose Haven Committee which meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month (except July, November and December).

To volunteer in the garden, providing tender care and feeding see the article “Rose Haven Garden Volunteers” for contact information on getting started. If you are interested in planning educational programs or joining the Rose Haven Committee call or text Rebecca at 951-265-9707. To find out more about our booklet publication call or text Judy at 951-695-5251.

Our garden is constantly growing and changing. Join the process with a call or text. As Dramatist Richard Sheridan (1751‑1816) famously said “Won’t you come into my garden? I want my roses to see you”.