Temecula Valley Rose Society

Established 1991

Metropolitan Water District Grant Photos

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Construction Is Under Way!

March 2007.  At long last the gazebo is being erected on the hilltop.

May, 2006.  Completed plans are being converted into garden paths and planting areas as construction begins. Completion is planned for the end of December, 2006.

Our new reflecting pond.

New trees have been planted.

Digging holes for plants.

Bobcat smoothing the ground.

Planting the 'Hall of Fame'

Rocks for the dry stream bed.

Trenching for water lines.

The garden c. 2005.

MWD (Metropolitan Water District) Honors Society for City Makeover Project Proposal

March 13, 2006. Members of the Rose Society (Phyllis Bettleheim, Rebecca Weersing, and Bonnie Bell) join with members of the Rancho California Water District to receive a 'Certificate of Recognition' relating to the Society's receipt of a Signature Grant for expanding Rose Haven Garden.

Ground Breaking Ceremony

December 1, 2005. Ground breaking ceremonies were held today at Rose Haven Garden to signal the commencement of the expansion of the garden using funds donated by the Metropolitan Water District. Randy Record of the MWD presented a facsimile check for $75,000 to Rebecca Weersing of the Rose Society to kick off the garden's expansion. Also present were representatives from Temecula Valley's several water districts and officials from Temecula City.

If you are planning on doing some gardening, why not plant some native California 'water wise' vegetation? The Temecula Rose Society is doing just that.

Members of the Temecula Rose Society gathered for an intimate groundbreaking ceremony on December 1 to commemorate a new garden that will be planted at the corner of Jedediah Smith Rd. and Cabrillo Ave. in the Los Ranchitos area of Temecula. The Rose Society currently has a rose garden on the corner of the property; the new garden will sit directly behind it. It will display a native and drought-tolerant themed landscape.

This past February, the Temecula Valley Rose Society approached Rancho California Water District (RCWD) regarding a possible partnership with Metropolitan Water District (MWD) to request a $75,000 grant as part of the MWD Community Partnering Program. In June their request was granted.

As part of the project, RCW provided professional expertise and guidance regarding a state-of-the-art irrigation system that produces environmentally sustainable landscapes in addition to retaining water savings. All aspects of the irrigation system, including infrastructure, maintenance, irrigation techniques, landscape design and California native plants, were donated by RCWD. "People who visit the garden will be able to see that a water wise garden can be beautiful and resourceful," said Eric Anderson of Valley Soil Landscape Services, an independent contractor for RCWD.

The MWD Community Partnering Program gives grants to qualifying organizations with programs that support regional water policy issues in the community.

Rose Society awarded $75,000 signature grant

August 16, 2005. The Temecula Valley Rose Society was awarded a $75,000 grant today by the Metropolitan Water District under its City Makeover Program to expand the Society's Rose Haven community rose garden.

The Rose Haven Heritage Garden Project, located at 30592 Jedediah Smith Rd., has "about [half] of the 3.4-acre site developed with 1,000 rose bushes, plus trees and shrubs and the deed requires that the land be developed as a public access garden. The overall design calls for a heritage rose garden with companion plantings. The project will incorporate native plantings, water efficient non-native areas, herb garden, habitat garden and wild flower meadow. There will be conservation areas and a backyard demonstration garden."

Rose society gets title to garden

TEMECULA Rose Haven, which for 15 years has been the handiwork of the Temecula Valley Rose Society, is now firmly in the hands of the nonprofit group that has been tending the colorful garden on Temecula's south side.

Planted in 1990 in the semi-rural neighborhood of Los Ranchitos, the quaint 1-acre garden of more than 1,000 roses was established by the society, but had never been owned by the group until recently.

Thursday, society members held a ceremony at the site to celebrate the recording of a deed earlier this summer that gave the society the title to the 3.4-acre property containing the garden at Jedediah Smith road and Cabrillo Avenue.

The parcel was put up for sale at a county auction in 2004 and fetched a bid of $302,000. However, the presence of a regional water-pipe easement made construction of a home impractical, and the sale was not completed. That opened a way for the rose society to buy the land from the county for $7,500.

The Metropolitan Water District has donated $75,000 for the garden's expansion.

Besides planting more roses in the haven, the group wants to add a display of drought resistant plants, walkways for the disabled, a gazebo and possibly a fountain.

The Californian, August 18, 2005

Grant deed presentation ceremony

The audience awaits the start of the ceremony.

An over size copy of the Grant Deed to the property is presented by Paul McDonnell, Riverside County Tax Collector, to Simonne Arnould, Past President of the Temecula Valley Rose Society, as Jeff Stone, Riverside County Supervisor for the 3rd District, looks on.

Previously, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors presented this handsome proclamation honoring the Society's creation of the Rose Haven garden.

The Board of Supervisors also donated this monument to commemorate the transfer of ownership of the garden to the society.

Rebecca Weersing, Phyllis Bettelheim and Betty Dixon prepare to supervise the installation of the commemorative monument in the garden on August 16, 2005.