Temecula Valley Rose Society

Rose Care Corner, November 2007

By Frank Brines – Consulting Rosarian

Frank Brines T he October fires and Santa Ana winds coated everything with a heavy coat of dirt, soot, and ash. Rinse down all your foliage to wash away these contaminants so the leaves have a clean surface to 'breathe' and to prevent an environment for disease. The cooler weather has been a welcome relief. All plants have a new lease on life and roses are responding particularly well, rejuvenated with lush foliage and sending up long canes topped with large buds and flowers.

Continue removing faded petals and any plant debris. Early November is your last fertilizing for the calendar year. With any luck, you may get a bloom cycle that provides flowers for the holiday table. Use a fertilizer with a slightly higher value of potassium (K) relative to the nitrogen (N) and phosphate (P). Potassium helps build the plant's defenses against winter and disease. It is also necessary for water intake by the plant cells, so it helps them take in minerals. Be sure to water the day before applying fertilizer!

Enjoy the last of this years blooms!



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