Temecula Valley Rose Society

Rose Care Corner, February 2007

By Frank Brines - Consulting Rosarian

Frank Brines F undamentals:  If you haven't pruned and cleaned up around your roses, there's still time to do so! See the January newsletter for tips. Don't forget to clean up around the plants and to scratch in 2 Tbs of Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom salt) around each plant. Spray each pruned rose and the ground under it with a dormant spray. There hasn't been any rain this winter so be sure to give your roses some water! Finally, add several inches of good composted mulch.

If you've had a good feeding program (especially with organic products), there will be enough nutrients available for this burst of new growth without a feeding at this time. When new growth is about an inch long (probably around mid to late February), you can begin your regular fertilizing schedule. Many fertilizers need warm soil to be most effective.

February is still a good time to plant new roses. Allow enough space for the mature plant. When planting potted roses, dig the hole twice the size of the pot; for bare root roses, dig the hole 18" wide and 14" deep. Here are a few recent recommendations from the San Diego Rose Society newsletter:




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