Temecula Valley Rose Society

Rose Care Corner, January 2007

By Frank Brines - Consulting Rosarian

Frank Brines F undamentals:  January is a month of in-betweens. Between blossoms, between rest and work, between dormancy and growth, between pruning and fertilizing. For this month your goal should be to prune all the roses back.

Here's a summary of how to do that:

(Remember also that TVRS will be providing pruning workshops at Rose Haven at 10 a.m. Saturday January 20.)

The final pruned plant should be:

If you prune this month, you can expect healthy new, vigorous foliage and new wonderful and beautiful blossoms in about 12 weeks. When new growth is an inch or two you can fertilize for the first time this year. Watch the weather and make sure that the ground doesn't become dry. Keep some moisture available for the plant to begin growing.




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