Temecula Valley Rose Society

Rose Care Corner, October 2006

By Frank Brines, Consulting Rosarian

Fundamentals for October

If you pruned, fertilized, and applied magnesium sulfate in September you can fertilize again this month. Fertilizing should actually be done twice a month. If you didn't do all that in September, do it this month. This will let you take advantage of our local growing conditions and get another one or two bloom cycles before letting the roses go dormant in December. Be sure to remove any side buds to allow center buds to develop to its greatest potential and grandest bloom.

Succulent new growth should be appearing on your bushes and, with the cooler weather, probably a new crop of aphids. Use a blast of water to wash them away every three days or so. Avoid getting any new blooms wet as this can create an environment for the disease Botrytis that causes small blemishes on the petals. And while the weather has been ideal for roses, that means it is also ideal for rust. Keep your roses watered regularly to help them resist infection and for maximum flower production.




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