Temecula Valley Rose Society

Rose Care Corner, July 2005

by Frank Brines, ARS Consulting Rosarian

July is not a good time to plant roses unless they are very healthy potted plants and you have time to give them the TLC they will need. Keep up any spraying program you have been using or, if you don't have a program, do an inspection at least once a week for any diseases or insects.

For aphids or spider mites a good blast from the garden hose may be all you need. If that doesn't get rid of them, add a little insecticidal soap to the spray. A good preventative measure against mildew and mold is a regular water shower to prevent dust from accumulating on foliage: Fungal spores can lodge in dust and with a little ambient moisture can germinate and infect the foliage. Any spraying or water bath you give should be done in the early morning, before the temperature reaches 80 degrees.

Very little or no pruning is needed this month. Dead heading may be sufficient, but be sure to also remove all diseased leaves and petals that fall to the ground and do not compost them.

With the onset of hot summer temperatures, give your standard roses at least 2" of water twice a week; that is about 7 gallons per plant each watering. Give miniature and groundcover roses about half the amount.

Continue to feed your garden; you can get by with a one-time application for the month, but I recommend two feedings with just a little less per application.




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