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Do you have a hobby or special skills or interests that would benefit our Rose Society? Take a moment and complete the information below. We are always looking for special people to help with projects, serve on our many committees, and assist with both short‑ and long‑term assignments. With nearly 100 members, including a number of new ones, this information will help us know all of you better and utilize your unique skills and abilities.

If you have worked in your own business, or as an employee, what was your position?

What hobbies or special interests do you actively pursue?


Check areas below that are skill strengths you have. Add any others to the list. Comment or describe, if you like.

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Is there anything special you would like to do for our society using your skills, abilities, and interests?

We want an involved society with participation from many members. This short survey can help us increase the contributions all our members can make.
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Your TVRS Board of Directors

Please Return this Questionnaire with your Membership Renewal Form, which can be done at the monthly meeting, or can be mailed to

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