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November 2009   Roses   Vol. 20, No. 11

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Blue Rose Update

For those of you with a web browser here's an update on the Suntory (Japan) blue rose, now commercially available, but only in Japan. Go to this URL.

President's Message

by Ron Rumbold

Ron RumboldT he first item I want to address this month is an oversight in the October message. We need to extend our gratitude to Susan Vix of L & M Fertilizer for her very generous gift of 64 Mini Roses for our September Plant Sale. The roses were instrumental in our financial success. The roses were the primary items sold. L & M Fertilizer has been a TVRS Sponsor for many years.

It has been said that the Lord is looking over the Rose Society and Rose Haven and we have been blessed in past years as well as this year. Like the Pilgrims in the early colonies, November is the month they extended their thanks for having been blessed with a bountiful harvest. We should be thankful for having been blessed with a beautiful garden and members that are willing to give of their time, energy, and monetary funds.

Although it has been a difficult year financially, we have managed to accomplish the majority of our goals. Finally, we have succeeded in acquiring a grant for the garden. The Roripaugh Foundation has awarded us a grant to make improvements to the garden entrance and to emphasize heritage plantings in the garden. Detail planning will start immediately.

As you may recall in previous messages, "Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance," we want to get it right before we start any type of work. The Grant Writing Committee, headed by Betty Dixon, deserves a big "Thank you."

Rose Haven Update

by Bonnie Bell

We patiently waited and waited. Then in late October we received the acceptance letter from the Roripaugh Family Foundation stating that we were awarded the grant we applied for. Hooray! Thanks to the grant writing skills of Betty Dixon, Rebecca Weersing, and Ron Rumbold we can now develop the area surrounding the entry arch to Rose Haven. We certainly look forward to implementing the project and beautifying that area. Ron has graciously accepted being project manager.

Kathy Katz and Carol Hudson have been diligently working on erosion control on the hillside by placing hay bales and planting various ground covers on the steep slopes before the rains start. And in the Children's Garden—pumpkins at last. At our Third Saturday Workshop in October high school students covered the plants top, bottom, and all around with chicken wire to keep the pesky critters out. The students did a great job under the guidance of Barb Purdy, and at last blossoms were able to develop, and now little pumpkins are growing.

Cabrillo Ave. fence  Daffodils and roses—yes we're mixing it up out at Rose Haven. Our Third Saturday Workshop November 21st will focus on planting daffodils along Cabrillo Ave. Rebecca is calling all students and volunteers to come out and plant. In winter the daffodils will bring glorious color to the garden while the roses are dormant. We invite you to come out and help. It will be fun and greatly enliven the area.

Our regular garden committee meeting is Wednesday, November 25th at 9 a.m. All are welcome to attend. The address is 30500 Jedediah Smith Road, Temecula. Please go to our Website for additional information and photos.

Other Rose Happenings…

ARS National Conference and Rose Show in
Palm Springs, Nov. 11-15, 2009.
At the Doral Desert Princess Resort.
Contact: Cliff Orent,, or
Hal Reynolds,
Complete information at

Team Work

by Frank Brines

You might not realize it, but the May 2010 rose show is fast approaching! This is one of our club's most visible events: it is an outreach to the community at large, and to local rose lovers, and other rose societies. There are dozens of tasks required for a successful and smooth running show. Most of them require very little effort: They DO require some planning and participation! As I write this, many committee positions are still vacant. I need YOU to help make your rose show an outstanding, fun, beautiful event! "Many hands make light work," so please lend your hands to this effort. Contact me as soon as you can (see below), or if you can't do it sooner, at the next member's meeting. Come be a part of this terrific event!

Frank Brines,, (951) 315-9632.

Member Meeting Program

Date: Thursday, November 19
Time: 10:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Place: Temecula Library, Community Room (30600 Pauba Road)
Speaker: Tom Jesch, Day Lilly Hill Nursery
Topic: Drought tolerant planting.

Tom will give a presentation on "Water Wise Without the Compromise." Jesch owns and has operated the 21 acre Day Lilly Hill Nursery in Escondido since 1997. He is a member of the Farm Bureau and C.C.L.A. His specialty is drought tolerant planting and his nursery is filled with evergreen daylilies in all colors. So, bring your friends, neighbors and questions. Don't miss this one!

A light buffet luncheon will be served around noon. Guests are welcome.

November Birthdays

by Florence Blacharski – Sunshine Committee
Phyllis Bettelheim, Wayne Blizzard, Jane Brodbeck, Margaret Granlund, Denise Luber Edie O'Hair, Marta Pilling, Murray Triplett, Kathy Turgeon, Kathleen Voshall

Meet Our Members

by Kathy Katz

Betty Dixon has been hard at work on our board for many years, recently heading the Grant Writing Committee. It was she who manned the computer that won the Roripaugh Grant for our club. Grant writing is a serious challenge for anyone, much less a woman with an eye problem that limits her computer time. She keeps our committee on course and focused. Thank goodness.

Betty shares her home with her high-school sophomore grandson Jeff. They live just around the corner from Rose Haven. Betty had not been a gardener until she and her husband bought the home in Temecula. She joined the Rose Society at the urging of Linda Black, learning to care for the dozens of roses growing there.

Born in Columbus, Indiana, she remembers receiving a wonderful education, and a neighborhood couple who organized a flower club for the kids. There was a flower dolls contest in the Spring with Hollyhock skirts; there were Mason jars full of flowers after World War II, with Peace Roses and Peonies for the graves on Memorial Day.

Betty attended Indiana State Teachers College in Terre Haute, graduated as an English Major, and taught high school English for six years. After marrying, while living in Indianapolis, she and her husband adopted a boy and a girl. Work brought the family to Santa Ana and a home in Tustin. She found a job at Santa Ana College, teaching English there for a wonderful seventeen years. It was an exciting time, as many non-native speakers were arriving and English as a Second Language was a developing field.

Betty and her husband retired to Temecula, first in Redhawk, then her present home. Her daughter lives near and has three children, so Betty is surrounded with, and proud of, her family. When her Mother turned eighty Betty wrote and published a book of poetry in honor of her birthday.

Shopping for Irises?

by Frank Brines

Each of us gets excited when we find a bargain, especially in today's economy, but when we get great customer service as well, it's a double delight!

I was recently shopping online, looking for red irises. I visited many Web sites but the one I decided to order from was Schreiner's Iris Gardens (

I had questions, I called to speak to a representative, and was I pleased! She was cordial, helpful, aware of the company's market, products, and pricing, and what customers need and want. I learned that I would receive a bonus gift for my order, but I wasn't sure which rhizome to request, so I gave her a first and second choice.

Was I ever surprised when I opened my order: As bonus gifts they sent me my top choice (a $50 retail value), my second choice, and an additional rhizome! I am equally delighted and appreciative. I highly recommend Schreiner's to anyone shopping online for irises!

CCRS Rose Auction

by Joel Ross, Development Chairman

The CCRS Auction will take place at Heritage Hall at 2650 Garfield Road, Carlsbad CA, 92009 on Tuesday November 17, 2009 beginning at 5:00 p.m. We are delighted to announce that BOTH Sharon Asakawa and Bryan Main will act as Auctioneers.

For more information look here:

A list of available roses can be seen here:

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Rose Care FUNdamentals

by Frank Brines, Consulting Rosarian

Frank BrinesS uddenly it's November. It feels like Fall has arrived in Southern California. After a very hot September locally, and a transitional October, I welcome the change. The still-warm days and not-to-cold nights and relatively low humidity are delightful conditions for rose bushes. After the September light pruning, the bushes are (or soon will be) flush with blooms. And, as a bonus, we have the possibility of cutting some blooms for our holiday gatherings.

The rose isn't quite ready to sleep yet and therefore is still hungry and thirsty. It would be good to fertilize until the middle of November with a low-nitrogen product; for example, fish emulsion, which provides plenty of micronutrients, too. Remember what the "NPK" numbers on fertilizer packages mean: "N" is nitrogen, "P" is Phosphorous, and "K" is Potassium. But what do those numbers really mean? Two things:

1) The numbers indicate how concentrated the product is on a per pound basis. For example, a product labeled "6-6-6" contains six times the concentration of N, P, and K per pound than does a product marked "1-1-1." This is why it's important to follow the package directions: If you applied the same amount of 6-6-6 to a garden as you did 1-1-1, you'd likely cause "fertilizer burn."

2) The numbers indicate the relative proportions of each nutrient. For example, a product marked 4-2-2 contains twice the amount of nitrogen as it does either phosphorous or potassium. When I suggest you apply a product that is "low nitrogen product," I mean the first number should be lower than the second and third.

As always, water your plants 24 hours before feeding to avoid fertilizer burn. Also, start cutting back the amount of water you apply now that the cooler temperatures have arrived.

This is a great month to get garden catalogs and to order new roses to plant early next year—do it now, so you won't be disappointed later. Making plans now will make gardening easier and more fun. And because the weather is still warm and the soil slightly moist but not damp, it's also a good time to prepare the site for those new roses.

First, dig up the roses you want to get rid of; consider giving them to friends or bringing them to the Temecula Valley Rose Society monthly meeting to be raffled off. (Please repot or wrap the root ball.) Next, fill the hole that's left behind with good rose potting soil and/or composted mulch; mix thoroughly. (If it's a spot that has never been planted, dig a hole about 18" deep and 18"-24" in diameter, remove about a third of the native soil, and mix what's left with rose potting soil and/or composted mulch.) Tamp down the soil. Between now and January or February, when you get ready to plant your new roses, the soil will have settled and been colonized by earthworms and other beneficial organisms.

One last thing: While the weather is relatively warm and dry, a Fall clean up will reduce the population of overwintering pests that are hiding in debris—and give you a jump on your cleanup for the spring and a healthier garden next year.

With all that done, sit back, relax, and enjoy the busy holidays ahead! For ideas visit TVRS' Rose Haven garden at 30500 Jedediah Smith Road, Temecula, as well as our web site:

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TVRS Board of Directors Meeting
Temecula Public Library – Community Room
30600 Pauba Road, Temecula
2009: Nov. 12
From 10 a.m. to noon.

TVRS Member Meeting
Temecula Public Library – Community Room
30600 Pauba Road, Temecula
2009: Nov. 19
From 10:15 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Rose Haven 3rd Saturday Garden Workshop
30500 Jedediah Smith Road, Temecula
2009: Nov. 21 – Daffodil planting.
From 9 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Rose Haven Garden Committee Meeting
30500 Jedediah Smith Road, Temecula
2009: Nov. 25
From 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Youth Gardening Council of Temecula Valley
The Bank of Mexico Restaurant
Corner of Main St. & Old Town Front St., Temecula
2009: Nov 5
From 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Committee Meetings will also be held after the monthly Member meeting from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

To see other events on our Society's Google calendar click here.

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2009 Officers & Directors


1st VP (Programs): Simonne Arnould
2nd VP (Membership): Sochie Rumbold
Secretary: Phyllis Bettelheim
Chief Financial Officer: Bonnie Bell


Rose Festival 2010: To be announced.
Rose Haven Heritage Garden:
Community Outreach:
  Blooming Angels
  Flowers for Friends


Simonne Arnould
Bonnie Bell
Phyllis Bettelheim
Frank Brines
Ann Coakes
Betty Dixon
Kathy Katz
May Olson
Ron & Sochie Rumbold
Kathleen Turgeon
Denise Vaccaro
Rebecca Weersing
Bernice Wendt

Thank You to Our Friends

Erin's Tree Service
Pechanga Resort and Casino Grants
Corona Tools
Armstrong Garden Center
Agriscape of Murrieta
City of Temecula
CR&R Disposal
Riverside County 3rd District
Crop Production Services (formerly L&M Fertilizer)
Stater Bros. Market
Weeks Roses

For more information about our sponsors go here.

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Our monthly Member meeting is held the 3rd Thursday of the month (excluding July and August) at 10:00 a.m. at the Ronald H. Roberts Public Library, Community Room B, 30600 Pauba Rd., Temecula. A light lunch is served at 11:30, and guests are welcome.

Our mailing address is
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