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August 2009   Roses   Vol. 20, No. 08

President's Message

by Ron Rumbold

Ron Rumbold H opefully those of you that went on vacations all had a great time and the rest of you had a relaxing month off from meetings, etc. August is a back-to-work month for the Board and is also a Member meeting month. The August program will be devoted to Strategic Planning for the Society in the future years. Plan to attend and be prepared to address the issues and plans you think the Society should pursue in 2010 and the future.

I WANT TO REMIND YOU ALL that we have tickets for sale for the Last Rose of Summer fund raising event on September 26th. I also want to remind everyone that we only have a few ways to raise revenue to maintain Rose Haven Garden, and that is through fundraisers and donations. Grant money cannot be used to fund maintenance activities. Therefore, if we are to continue to have Rose Haven provide the community with a beautiful garden that we all can take pride in, we should contribute to that cause by either purchasing a ticket to the event and enjoy the festivities at the garden, or DONATING that same amount to garden maintenance. Pride of ownership also comes with commitments. Lets ALL do our part to make this fundraiser a big success.

Please order your tickets by sending your request and a check for $25 per person, payable to the TVRS, directly to our Treasurer, Bonnie Bell, at P.O. Box 890367, Temecula, CA 92589-0367.

I hope you haven't forgotten to start you cuttings for the fundraising event to be held at Rose Haven on the 19th of September, which is the first annual Plant Sale. Everyone should take cuttings of their favorite plant or plants and try propagating some new plants for the sale. We have about 7 weeks to generate some plants and if everyone does their part we will have a nice selection for sale on the 19th. I have 36 plants started at this time and plan to have more. HOPE YOU ALL ARE GOING TO HAVE PLENTY OF ADDITIONAL PLANTS FOR THE SALE.

Ann Coates has hand painted some clay pots for your use if you need them to put the plants in for the sale. Don't forget to identify your plant with at least the Common Name and a suggested price. Lets make our first attempt at a plant sale a success by propagating some plants so we can generate some additional revenue for Rose Haven.

We have been notified that the Roripaugh Foundation is considering us for a grant, but we will not know the results until the end of September.

Rose Haven Update

by Bonnie Bell

There has been an abundance of activity going on out at Rose Haven. Even through quite a hot spell our Gardening Angels have been out working regularly. One of our new members, Barb Purdy, has taken on responsibility of the Original Rose garden. Those roses could really use some deadheading, so if we all pitch in that entire area of the garden will look beautiful for the Last Rose of Summer event. If you have an extra hour we surely would appreciate your help. Experience not necessary: We'll show you how. Wednesday and Saturday mornings are the regular volunteer days. Please join us.

Out farther in the garden Kathy Katz and Carol Hudson are heading up the entire Southwest and Dry Stream areas and have judiciously been tidying up the plants and checking out the irrigation. We have new name tags for the plants in those areas which will allow everyone who is interested to identify which plant is.

Our next regular garden monthly meeting is Wednesday, August 5th at 9 a.m. We will discuss cost-wise developments/plant replacements for each of the 12 defined areas. All are welcome to attend the meeting. Please refer to our website, selecting Rose Haven Garden.

The sizzling summer has arrived and the roses are still in full bloom. Check out the photo of the Iris, Roses and Companions area.

There have been a number of visitors recently walking the entire garden and enjoying the shade in the picnic area. Many have questions regarding roses and other plants, especially succulents and water-wise plants. In order to educate ourselves and answer questions appropriately, procedures are being prepared, including plant listings for each area, with photos for easy identification. Information on drip irrigation will also be included.

Within Rose Haven there are about 12 defined gardens, and at our regular monthly meeting several of us selected a specific area to focus our attention on, and will present recommendations at the August meeting. Please refer to the map of Rose Haven on our website. Unfortunately, none of the grants we applied for have come through as yet, so improvements to the Entry Area will be affordable with a planting of trees and several shrubs – no beautiful walkway or other enhancements yet. Also, implementation of Education/Special Events area is on hold. If you have ideas for cost-wise developments, or would like to participate, please attend our next meeting Wednesday, August 5th at 9 am. And don't forget our "Wish List" for Rose Haven which also can be viewed on our website. The address for the garden is 30500 Jedediah Smith Road , Temecula.

Open Call for Volunteers

From Frank Brines

I'm involved in many projects with TVRS. I need lots of volunteers. Please step forward with your talents…or discover your hidden ones! Without your help, many projects won't get done–some won't even get started. You don't have to be athletic for many of these tasks. Your ideas could make a difference! Please ask me how you can get involved. Send me an email at and let me know if you are interested. We'll work together to match you with an activity that fits into your interests and time.

Member Meeting Program

Date: Thursday, August 20
Time: 10:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Place: Temecula Library, Community Room (30600 Pauba Road)
Topic: Strategic Planning for 2010

The program for the August meeting is specifically intended to be Strategic Planning. It will be a intra-learning session with a planned set of briefing charts and drawing on the membership participation to ask and answer questions pertaining to what the organization should be planning for the year 2010 and for the next 3 years.

A light buffet luncheon will be served around noon. Guests are welcome.

July & August Birthdays

by Florence Blacharski – Sunshine Committee
Happy July Birthdays: Bonnie Bell, Dixie Coda, David DeLisle, Saundra Felker, Cheryl Miller, Barb Purdy, Cordelia Snow. Happy August Birthdays: Roberta Costa, Doris Ford, Tommie Lunetta, Lyse McGonigle, Ellen Noell, Kathy Scheufler, Dhian Lauren.

Welcome New Members

David L. DeLisle, Mary Ann Sakala, Dhian Lauren, Xiaoxia Lau, Kathleen Voshall.

Did You Know?

Did you know that CR&R has been donating trash pick-up service at the Rose Haven Heritage Garden for the past eighteen years?

Ever since the garden was first established in the early 1990's CR&R has provided a large covered bin and weekly pick-up service. Furthermore, during pruning time two pick-ups a week are made. In addition to this greatly appreciated service, Ed Campos, an executive with CR&R, has obtained several hundred yards of mulch for the garden and has arranged for its delivery. CR&R is a valued friend and sponsor of TVRS and Rose Haven and we express our sincere thanks to the company and to its people.

Who Wants to be an Angel?

No, not the Angels with wings and not the Angels with baseball bats, but the Rose Society's very own Gardening Angels.

Rose Haven has been divided into nine sections for maintenance purposes, and so far our Lead Gardeners have agreed to care for seven sections. But the Lead Gardeners need help, and that is where you come in. The work would include light weeding, pruning, dead-heading and general tidying up.

The plan is to tend the garden for a couple of hours a week, possibly on Wednesday mornings, and then everyone who wishes to participate can enjoy a self-catered lunch in the shade of our pepper tree.

You will be free to choose the area where you would like to work. Large tools are on site, but you would need to bring pruners and gloves.

The rose beds close to the parking area are still in need of Lead Gardeners.

Please call Phyllis at 694-1198 or Bonnie at 676-6135 for more information or to volunteer.

Name Badges

and 2009 Member rosters for new members are now available for pickup at the August meeting. A number of our returning members have not picked up their 2009 rosters, which contain names and addresses of new members as well as changes to the Bylaws. These will also be available at our August meeting.

Original Garden Area

Plant Sale

The Temecula Valley Rose Society will be holding a “Fall Plant Sale” at the Rose Haven Heritage in Temecula on September 19th from 9:00 to 11:00 am.

PLEASE continue to pot up plans from your garden, or you can buy plants from Farmers Markets and other places around town. This is one of our fund raising projects and we need your support! For more info. call Ann Coakes at (951)693-5635.

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Rose Care FUNdamentals

by Frank Brines, Consulting Rosarian

Frank BrinesI 'm guessing that wherever you live in the Temecula Valley your July temperatures have been hovering pretty close to 100°. Conditions like that slow me down, and it's a good time for you to let your roses slow down too! You want to avoid anything that will cause them to put on tender new growth, so don't prune or feed. You can remove the petals of spent blossoms, leaving the hips on the stems. This signals to the plant to slow its metabolism. Withholding fertilizers–especially nitrogen–will also discourage growth.

July and August are two months when your mulch is really going to pay off. If it's gotten a little thin, add enough to a depth of 3"–4". If you can't get composted mulch, almost any vegetative matter will work, including grass clippings and pine needles. Now is when you want that mulch holding and spreading the soil's moisture and preventing the roots from baking in the hot sun.

Now that Southern California is in the third or fourth year of drought, with reduced imported water, consider upgrading your garden with a good drip irrigation system. Even if you're still hand watering, or using some other method, monitor all your roses every day to avoid serious water stress. It's best to irrigate your roses before the sun gets too high so they have a chance to hydrate before the heat.

Spider mites increase in the summer heat. They are very tiny and hard to see, and they live on the underside of the leaves. Signs of an infestation include leaves that look dried out, grayish green, or transparent; you may feel a little grittiness when you rub an infested leaf gently; and you might see some fine webbing. You can reduce their population by removing all leaves that are on the lower 8" of the plant. You may also be able to dislodge them with a strong blast of water to the underside of the lower leaves.

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TVRS Board of Directors Meeting
Temecula Public Library – Community Room
30600 Pauba Road, Temecula
2009: August 13.
From 10 a.m. to noon.

TVRS Member Meeting
Temecula Public Library – Community Room
30600 Pauba Road, Temecula
2009: August 20.
From 10:15 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Rose Haven 3rd Saturday Garden Workshop
30500 Jedediah Smith Road, Temecula
2009: August 22.
From 9 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Rose Haven Garden Committee Meeting
30500 Jedediah Smith Road, Temecula
2009: August 5.
From 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Youth Gardening Council of Temecula Valley
The Bank of Mexico Restaurant
Corner of Main St. & Old Town Front St., Temecula
From 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Committee Meetings will also be held after the monthly Member meeting from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

To see other events on our Society's Google calendar click here.

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2009 Officers & Directors


1st VP (Programs): Simonne Arnould
2nd VP (Membership): Sochie Rumbold
Secretary: Phyllis Bettelheim
Chief Financial Officer: Bonnie Bell


Rose Festival 2010: To be announced.
Rose Haven Heritage Garden:
Community Outreach:
  Blooming Angels
  Flowers for Friends


Simonne Arnould
Bonnie Bell
Phyllis Bettelheim
Frank Brines
Ann Coakes
Betty Dixon
Kathy Katz
May Olson
Ron & Sochie Rumbold
Kathleen Turgeon
Denise Vaccaro
Rebecca Weersing
Bernice Wendt

Thank You to Our Friends

Erin's Tree Service
Pechanga Resort and Casino Grants
Corona Tools
Armstrong Garden Center
Agriscape of Murrieta
City of Temecula
CR&R Disposal
Riverside County 3rd District
Crop Production Services (formerly L&M Fertilizer)
Stater Bros. Market
Weeks Roses

For more information about our sponsors go here.

This newsletter is web‑published monthly for members. Temecula Valley Rose Society is a 501(c)(3) non‑profit corporation dedicated to the purpose of encouraging the appreciation, study, and culture of roses. Members are encouraged to join our affiliate, the American Rose Society, at

Our monthly Member meeting is held the 3rd Thursday of the month (excluding July and August) at 10:00 a.m. at the Ronald H. Roberts Public Library, Community Room B, 30600 Pauba Rd., Temecula. A light lunch is served at 11:30, and guests are welcome.

Our mailing address is
 Temecula Valley Rose Society
 PO Box 890367
 Temecula, CA 92589-0367

Do not send any mail to Rose Haven Garden on Cabrillo Ave. – there is no mail box there.

For additional information please visit our web site at

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