Temecula Valley Rose Society

Newsletter Writing Guidelines


The newsletter is an important tool used to educate the membership and helps the Society to grow and prosper. It is an important part of the self-image of the Society, something that pulls activities and members together and shows why they matter.


We encourage our members to write and submit articles to the editor John Weersing. Please submit your articles three days before the last day of the month. The editor has sole discretion in choosing when and which articles to print, and may edit articles for length, style and content. We know many of our members have experiences and knowledge they would like to share. Your articles may be submitted as a MS Word document (as an e-mail attachment), or in RTF or TXT format. Typing your article directly into your e-mail message is also acceptable.Please do not use special formats, fonts or styles: These have to be removed anyway.


Our parent organization is the American Rose Society, so we follow their guidelines for newsletter content. Here are their recommendations.


It should contain:

Rose horticulture information pruning, planting, fertilizing, watering, etc., and should correspond to the appropriate season.


Other rose related information new rose introductions and catalog sources, new products, exhibiting, judging, website recommendations, etc.


Strive for original material, such as a beautiful garden you have visited, a book/movie review, or another garden related topic.

Other horticultural programs or events of interest. This may include tours, other rose and garden club activities or seminars, and supporting club activities.


Articles regarding sponsors, friends, and suppliers are acceptable.

Use proper sentence structure, word choice, and spelling. It is more efficient if you proofread and spell check your material before submitting.


Things to avoid:

Long lists of anything.

Politics, religious or controversial subjects.

Negative articles and mudslinging.


We strive to produce a newsletter that is informative and entertaining. With your help we can be successful in achieving this goal.

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