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November 2014 Roses Vol. 25, No. 11


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President's Message

by Frank Brines
Frank BrinesA s my term as president comes to an end, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the many members who have contributed to the progress TVRS has made in the past year.
• The 2014 TVRS Board members. In no particular order. Phyllis kept me "moving on" so meetings end on time and, as recording secretary, she keeps minutes of meetings and list of action items so I need not remember for following month meeting agenda.
• Rebecca provided the financial reports which kept us informed about the money situation. She gladly turned the books over to Bonnie in January 2014 who put her own touches on the reports and was off and running.
• Ron reclaimed the helm for setting up 2015 programs after pressing matters precluded Jeanne from continuing in that capacity–but she handled the position admirably, scheduling and providing maps for member garden tour and a visit to the Grand Traditions estate and gardens in Fallbrook.
• Kathy T. made sure we knew where to find publicity for all society events. She gathered information from others and compiled it into one report for us. In addition she and her husband Pierre managed a fund raiser with Macy's and, with Peggy, assisted with restaurant-night fund raisers.
• Ann watched for avenues for bringing in moneys as chair of Ways and Means. Her major contributor was the Stater Brothers scrip program which yielded 6 cents of every dollar of scrip customers purchased. She also took on Membership Chair and all duties related to membership.
• Barb made sure we knew what was being done in Tree of Life with volunteer high school students for community service hours and the trials and tribulations of farming with hungry pests.
• JoAnn kept us alive with what's happening with social media, making sure our events were posted, and managed the younger youth and related programs.
• Linda and her committee provided us with a great, successful, well-attended rose show.
• Lenore shuttled and tracked Little Rose Show participation at the member meetings. Betty assisted and will manage it for 2015.
• A pair I want to particularly highlight is Phyllis and Bonnie who manage, schedule, and monitor Rose Heritage Garden events, volunteers, and upkeep. Their committee is to be commended for ensuring that the garden is a viable welcoming place for visitors.
• I must give a shout out to the Newsletter contributors who every month inform us of many happenings and information being distributed into the community as well to us the members: Ron, Ann, Lenore, Rebecca, Bonnie, Phyllis, JoAnn, Barb, Jim Moss, and Kathy Katz. (If I missed anyone, I sincerely apologize!) John Weersing manages to get our reports accumulated and arranged for the newsletter every month, and Bonnie does her magic to get the hardcopy newsletters printed and sent to those who do not use the Internet.

These are only the highlights of what all have done. Many volunteers keep our society, Rose Haven, member meetings, and hospitality functioning. Individually and together people have joined in discussions, contributed to many decisions, and cooperated in many ways throughout the past year to help us grow into a more sophisticated, professionally functioning organization.

Old Garden Roses At Rose Haven

by Jim Moss

For our sixth rose in our series on Old Garden Roses we will become acquainted with the China rose, CRAMOISI SUPERIEUR. Like most China's she is a perpetual bloomer showing crimson blooms with white streaks which do not fade in summer heat. The raspberry scented blooms appear in clusters of 3 to 5 flowers of about 2". Petal count is 30 to 35. The plants can grow to 6 feet or more and 3 feet in width but can be cut back to promote new growth and shape the plant. The stems are thorny and twiggy. CRAMOISI SUPERIEUR does well in poor soil and is suitable for hedging or potting and will improve with occasional mulching. AARS gives this rose a rating of 8.7. She was propagated by Coquereau in France in 1832 from a seedling of Saltern's Crimson China. Our CRAMOISI'S are located at the eastern most edge of the OGR section. For a review of China roses, refer back to the article about Archduke Charles.

Families in the Garden

by JoAnn Summers

'Families in the Garden' had a great turn out of young people and parents for our October 18th program. Children planted sugar snap peas and garlic. They also practiced digging with a shovel and planted sugar snap peas to take home. We didn't plan on playing in the dirt and finding worms and bugs, but that proved to be an exciting part of the morning. Many of the youngsters wanted to just keep making holes with our special shovels.

Thanks to our volunteers for making this a great outdoor experience for kids and parents. It takes lots of planning and gathering materials to make this experience happen. If you would like to part of this committee please see JoAnn Summers or anyone on the committee. We would love to have you.




Brownie Scouts, JoAnn & Fay


Grocery Cards Benefit TVRS

Dear Members: I trust that you have made a determined effort to use Stater Bros. Script/Gift Cards for your everyday normal purchases. Even in these financially difficult times we all must eat. Purchasing a $100.00 Script Card will let you spend $100.00 for groceries at Stater Bros. There is no extra expense or donation coming out of your pocket and the Rose Society will get a $6.00 donation for the upkeep of the Garden. Your support is greatly appreciated. See Ann Coakes to order Cards. Tel 951 693-5635.

Member Meeting Program

Date: Thursday, November 20
Time: 10:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Place: Temecula Library, Community Room (30600 Pauba Rd., Temecula)
Speaker: Edie O'Hair
Topic: Rose Experiences

Edie has been interested in roses nearly all her life starting at age 12 when she took Horticultural classes at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. She started visiting rose gardens with her parents and later planted hundreds of rose at her varies homes. She currently takes care of over seven hundred roses here in Temecula.

A light buffet luncheon will be served around noon. Guests are welcome.

Speakers & Programs for 2014
Dec 18  "Christmas Program & Installation of Officers"—Board of Directors


November Birthdays & New Members

Edie O Hair, Fay Devor, Margaret Granlund, Phyllis Bettelheim, Wayne Blizzard, Jane Brodbeck, Lorraine Kline, Cheryl Mathews, Ray Jacques, Jim Mos,and Kathleen Turgeon.
New Members
There are no new members this month.

Our October 16th Little Rose Show had 27 entries. The biggest month since April. Frank Brines won the Rose of the Day with his "Chelsea Belle", a medium red, rated as an 8.0 in the ARS handbook as a very good to excellent rose. The other first place winning roses were brought by: Don Nordike, Ellen Noell, Virginia Boos, and Simonne Arnould.

Other participants were Micha Grayson and Frances Merritt. A very showy mini-spray brought by Virginia, named, "Eutin" was critiqued by Frank as to how to make it present better. He took off one side branch and brought it up higher in the vase, using support material to keep it straight. All very useful learning tips.

Other tips to keep in mind when showing your roses, is to inspect the leaves for blemishes and clean them from dust, leaving all the leaves on the branch when placing them into the vase. Styrofoam is a good support material.

We would like to encourage more members to participate and bring their roses. Things to remember are:
• Bring your own vase with the rose.
• Prepare the tag when you arrive with the correct spelling of the rose's name.
• Add your name to the tag with an address label or write it clearly.
• Place the rose in the right category as arranged on the table.
• Leave your tag at the end of the show and take your rose and vase home.
There will be someone there to help you if you have questions.
Lenore Vogel and Betty Dixon

Rose Haven Update

by Bonnie Bell

"Fabulous Fall" and once again the garden is full of color everywhere. The hillside is spectacular — take a look at the brilliant Altissimo photo. At home we hope you too are experiencing roses full of blossoms. It's great timing to practice floral arranging for your Thanksgiving table. We invite you to come out and enjoy the garden at your leisure – maybe after your feast and take a nice walk around.

The next garden committee meeting would fall on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving so we will postpone it until a later date. Don't forget our garden "Wish List" on our website. Maybe you have knowledge how we can achieve our goals of obtaining these items. View the Rose Haven Wish List.


Hall of FameHall of Fame

Member Profile: Micha Grayson

by Kathy Katz

We have all learned to appreciate Micha Grayson, member of the Hospitality Committee, for her skill and humor in dealing with our many food emergencies as beverages, snacks and lunch continue as fond traditions for our society each month. I always enjoy working in the kitchen and Micha makes it fun.

She was very gracious to agree to be interviewed and had some surprises in her story. She worked many years at the courthouse here, and she was a Rock and Roll DJ before she left Korea. Who knew?

Micha was born in South Korea, the oldest of six with four sisters and a baby brother. Her father had a small farm, but the need for higher schooling as the family matured led him to relocate the family in Seoul, when Micha attended middle school. She had arrived in the big city, and Western culture captivated her. Those heady times included the British Invasion, the Beatles, the amazing fluorescence of Rock and Roll. Micha stayed up nights due to time differences, listening to Armed Forces Radio and learning the new hits and the top 40. Anyone who has lived away can appreciate this. She loved western music. She was a young woman in a very conservative culture with a big interest in a very revolutionary "fad." After she graduated high school, her mother had arranged a coveted job for her, working for the Secretary of Labor, as Micha was not interested in college. But she found the work boring, the job a dead end.

The music halls, the tea and coffee houses, were where the music was. Micha learned the DJ business, how to use the equipment, collect the LPs, detect the passions of the different clientele at the clubs. It was quite a step, and she did not know of any other female DJs in Korea.

She married and the couple came to the U.S. in 1976, when Micha was 26. She lived first in Washington State, then here in California. She has a daughter who graduated from TVHS and played clarinet in the marching band when Temecula was a much smaller town. She is very proud of having become a Naturalized Citizen, as she loves it here. She worked at the Temecula Court for 26 years, starting as a clerk then becoming a supervisor. Micha also remarried here. After she retired she joined the Rose Society and was happy to discover that Ann Schryer was also a member–they had worked together for years at the courthouse.

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Rose Care FUNdamentals

by Frank Brines, Consulting Rosarian

Frank BrinesT emperatures in the Temecula Valley have moderated and recent humid mornings are making roses happy. Even so, some problems could result, such as powdery mildew and black spot. Your roses may benefit from a good rinsing to remove dust; be sure to keep moisture off the blossoms to prevent the fungal disease Botrytis. You won't be wasting water by doing this as plants absorb moisture through their leaves and plant structure. And it will drip off into the soil. You've probably completed the light mid-season pruning I suggested; if you pruned out dead and crossing canes through the middle of the plant you have improved the air circulation through your rose bushes which is a good way to reduce fungal diseases.

If you pruned in September and fertilized you are likely enjoying a showy bloom cycle now. Cutting some blooms now (and taking inside for bouquets) will assist having blooms around Thanksgiving. If you stagger your bloom cutting, you might have some for your December holiday table. That "might" is the big unknown, with the main factor being the temperature (again!): The average first frost date in our area is about November 17.

You may make a final application of fertilizer for the year before mid-November. If you do this, use a fertilizer lower in Nitrogen (N) and higher in Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K); that is, if your fertilizer has an N-P-K number on it, the first digit will be lower than the other two. If it lacks an N-P-K, read the ingredients and/or ask your professional nursery person for guidance. To explain: Nitrogen encourages foliage growth-something we want to discourage going into dormancy; Phosphate helps build root structure and resistance to stressful conditions (e.g., cold at this time of year); Potassium is a helper of Phosphate and aids in bloom quality. If you use an organic fertilizer it will be readily available when the soil warms, adding to the nutrients needed for that Spring growth spurt.

Don't apply fertilizer after mid-November because it will only encourage tender growth that could be damaged by frost and will forestall your roses going into dormancy as the soil and general environment cools, daylight shortens, etc.

Some people think Southern California lacks distinct seasons, but we do have seasons: They are only discerned by those with a more sophisticated palette! So get out of the house and enjoy the subtle delights of the air, sun, and the rich aroma of our magically misty Fall. When you have a moment to spare, or feel the need to get away, or when the day cools down, take your favorite healthy beverage, a picnic basket, and visit Rose Haven Heritage Garden, 30592 Jedediah Smith Road, Temecula (cross street is Cabrillo Avenue). The early morning and late afternoon sunlight across the pass is magical this time of year-it even makes the freeway seem a little bit romantic!

Oh, one last thing-something to do when it gets just a bit too nippy out there: Now is the time to start perusing rose catalogs (printed and online) for that next "gotta have" rose variety. (Come on-you deserve it! You work hard to have lovely roses, so let yourself go! (And we expect to see you enter that perfect bloom in the next rose show May 2, 2015!) Also, this time of year many nurseries and garden stores are liquidating their remaining inventory of potted roses-and you're in luck because November is an ideal time to purchase and plant!

Until next month, Happy Roses to you!

For more ideas, visit TVRS' Rose Haven garden at 30592 Jedediah Smith Rd.,
Temecula, as well as our web site at You might also want to visit our section at to find events of interest to you. Spread the joy of roses!

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for 2014
TVRS Members Meeting
Temecula Public Library – Community Room
30600 Pauba Rd., Temecula
3rd Thursday of the month. No meeting in July.
From 10:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

TVRS Board of Directors Meeting
Assistance League of Temecula
28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula
2nd Thursday of the month. No meeting in July.
From 10:00 a.m. to Noon.

Rose Haven 3rd Saturday Garden Workshop
30592 Jedediah Smith Rd., Temecula
3rd Saturday. No meeting in July, August & December.
From 9 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Rose Haven Garden Committee Meeting
30592 Jedediah Smith Rd., Temecula
4th Wednesday of the month.
From 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Little Rose Show Competition
at the monthly Member Meeting
Apr, May, June, Sept, Oct, Nov.
To see entry and judging criteria go here

Youth Gardening Council of Temecula Valley
Programs for youth 12 & under held on 3rd Sat from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
   Activities for 13 & older are coordinated by Barb Purdy & Kathy Katz.

Other Committee Meetings will be announced separately.

To see other events on our Society's event calendar click here.

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2014 Officers & Directors


President: Frank Brines
1st VP (Programs): Jeanne Brubaker
2nd VP (Membership): Anne Coakes
Recording Secretary: Phyllis Bettleheim
Chief Financial Officer: Bonnie Bell


Executive: Frank Brines
Programs: Jeanne Brubaker
Membership: Anne Coakes
Records: Phyllis Bettleheim
Finance: Bonnie Bell
Education & Outreach – Consulting Rosarians
Communications: Kathy Turgeon
Rose Haven Planning: Bonnie Bell & Phyllis Bettelheim


Bonnie Bell
Phyllis Bettelheim
Frank Brines
Jeanne Brubaker
Ann Coakes
Barbara Purdy
Ron Rumbold
Kathleen Turgeon
Lenore Vogel
Rebecca Weersing

Thank You to Our Friends

Erin's Tree Service
Pechanga Resort and Casino Grants
Corona Tools
Armstrong Garden Center
Agriscape of Murrieta
City of Temecula
CR&R Disposal
Riverside County 3rd District
Crop Production Services (formerly L&M Fertilizer)
Stater Bros. Market
Weeks Roses

For more information about our sponsors go here.

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