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November 2013 Roses Vol. 24, No. 11

Rose Haven Garden
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Notice of 2013 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Temecula Valley Rose Society will be held on Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 10:30 am in Community Room A of the Temecula Public Library. Please click here for the meeting notice and click here for the agenda. It would be helpful if you would also print out the agenda and bring it with you to the meeting. If you have any questions please e-mail Nominating Committee Chair Rebecca Weersing at

President's Message

by Frank Brines

Frank BrinesA t the beginning of this year, I set a personal goal to increase membership by 10% over 2012. I'm happy to say that we accomplished that goal: We now have 99 members! I'm hoping to boost membership by an additional 10% in 2014. By the way, you are responsible for much of that growth: I've heard from a number of new members and visitors how welcoming our society is! Thank you all!

We also need to increase the number of people who attend the entire monthly meeting to at least 50. An analysis has shown that on average if we have least 50 members at a general meeting, the ticket sales from the opportunity drawing will pay for the rent on the meeting room. It's simple economics-and it's simple to guarantee that we make the rent: Come to the meeting (the whole meeting-not just the free lunch!) and bring a friend!

All of this reinforces that fact that non-profit organizations today have two major systemic problems: (1) Finding dollars to further their goals, and (2) volunteers to service the means to reach those goals. One way for member volunteers to assist is joining a committee in which you share the interest, have some knowledge or ideas, to bring to the committee. An organization is only as strong as its members participation.

Given this, another goal for our society is to have more in-depth committee involvement. The board is in agreement that we want this society driven by committees, with the board providing strategic guidance through approvals and resources for committee projects that meet the goals of the society. So that should encourage you to join a committee-it's not that difficult, honest! And your ideas really do make a difference. And remember: You are welcome to attend any board member as a guest!

I would like to see members attend both the general member meeting, stay for lunch, and then participate in an after-lunch event, such as a committee meeting, learning from the Little Rose Show results and critiques, or how to prepare specimens for exhibiting, acquire knowledge from one of our Consulting Rosarians, be exposed to new rose information and learn of up coming events.

Each rose society is made possible because all of them are under the umbrella of the American Rose Society (ARS). That affiliation makes our non-profit status possible. It also allows us discounted insurance through the ARS, and receive other discounts for entrance to national gardens, merchants products, and practical information to improve our rose experience. Currently, ARS is offering a four month membership for any person associated with a local rose society for just $5. I encourage all to take advantage of this offer. You will receive two issues of American Rose Magazine ($16 value), free online access to quarterly bulletins, free or reduced admission to national public gardens, and discounts of up to 30% at merchant partners. Please join now! You may complete the online form at or call 1-800-637-6534.

I would like to call your attention to these upcoming events that I hope you will consider attending:
Venture to Palm Desert, November 9, for the Desert Rose Society Rose Show. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2013 - DESERT ROSE SOCIETY ANNUAL ROSE, ARRANGEMENT & PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW
Where: Palm Desert Community Center on San Pablo, in Palm Desert, California
Contact Rose Show Co-chairs: Hal Reynolds at and Barbara Steffensmeier at
Where: Mesa Community College, Mesa, Arizona
Contact: Marylou Coffman - Coffmanml@AOL.COM Phone: 480-926-3064
Entries 6:00 AM to 9:45 AM, Judging 10:00 Am - 12:00 PM, Open to public 12:00 PM onward.
Arrangement judges school. SATURDAY, November 23rd and SUNDAY November 24, 2013 - ARRANGEMENT JUDGES SCHOOL
Where: Palm Desert, California at the Best Western Hotel
Contact Lauren Toth or Kreg Hill

October in the Tree of Life Vegetable Garden

by Barb Purdy

October is the month for harvesting pumpkins and we had a bountiful year. The students planted two varieties of pumpkins this year: Jack Be Little and Orange Cutie. These two varieties are both small but prolific. The students harvested 20 pumpkins, and will use them as a fund raiser (at Chaparral High School) for the garden.

The students have also been busy preparing the beds and planting winter vegetables. This month we planted 2 varieties of garlic (one soft neck, one hard neck), beets, broccoli, purple cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, spinach, colorful Swiss chard, radishes and carrots (white and orange). We will be planting lettuce, peas and cabbage in November. Please stop by the garden and watch as our seeds sprout, become seedlings and grow into the winter vegetables we all know and love.

Baby pumpkins
Baby pumpkins

The greenhouse has arrived and is being set up as I write this article. Thanks again to Lyse McGonigle for donating the greenhouse, and Kathy Katz who organized the set-up.

Assembling a greenhouse
Assembling a greenhouse

Garden Chat

by Kathy Katz

Ooh such fun. Today we erected the new greenhouse donated by Lyse McGonigle in the Tree of Life garden area. Got it all done but the door. With the help of my husband Howard, Lyse and her neighbor Thomas Taufer got the little thing up. It came in many pieces, like an Erector set. Without the knowledge of Tom, who had put these greenhouse kits up before, it woulld never have happened. We worked from 9 to 2:30. It was really fun, but we were hungry and tired. The door will have to await another day.

Lyse says we can have another greenhouse if we like this one. It is so cute. Go take a look. It should really help to have a place to put things, away from the critters.

Grocery Cards Benefit TVRS

Dear Members: I trust that you have made a determined effort to use Stater Bros. Script/Gift Cards for your everyday normal purchases. Even in these financially difficult times we all must eat. Purchasing a $100.00 Script Card will let you spend $100.00 for groceries at Stater Bros. There is no extra expense or donation coming out of your pocket and the Rose Society will get a $6.00 donation for the upkeep of the Garden. Your support is greatly appreciated. See Ann Coakes to order Cards. Tel 951 693-5635.

Member Meeting Program

Date: Thursday, November 21
Time: 10:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Place: Temecula Library, Community Room (30600 Pauba Rd., Temecula)
Speaker: Cynthia McCabe
Topic: Companion Plants for Roses that share similar watering, fertilization, and exposure requirements to that of roses.

Cynthia is a rose enthusiast from Texas who moved to California in 1996. She was accepted into the Riverside Master Gardener program in the fall of 1997, graduating in 1998. She became a docent at the UCR Botanic Gardens and continues to volunteer there. She selected and helped plant heirloom roses for the grounds at Heritage House in Riverside in 2002. She has also judged both roses and other ornamentals at the Riverside Flower Show since 2005. She currently resides in Corona and maintains a large collection of roses and other blooming plants.

A light buffet luncheon will be served around noon. Guests are welcome.


November Birthdays & New Members

Edie O'Hair, Fay Devor, Jean Ardigo, Margaret Granlund, Phyllis Bettelheim, Wayne Blizzard, JaneBrodeck, Lorraine Kline, Cheryl Mathews, Ray Jacques, Jim Moss, Kathleen Turgeon.
New Members
Jerri E. Palmer and Karen Lelley-Halapoff.

Last Little Rose Show

Growing roses is a passion; and we find our own little piece of heaven in our very own private gardens. Please cut a few pieces of heaven and share them at our next meeting on Nov. 21st . This will be our very last Little Rose Show of the year so let's make it a big colorful one. With the October rain our roses have once again grown in size and are looking spectacular. I wouldn't be surprised if it's going to be harder this time to pick one rose for the Rose of the Day. Good luck to all and thanks for sharing.

Families in the Garden

by JoAnn Summers

Roses, Daisies, and Honey Bees: Rose Haven was host to two events in October. Rebecca Weersing and JoAnn Summers were on hand to help the Daisy Girl Scouts, ages five to six, and their leaders enjoy an afternoon of seeking out their favorite color of rose and making bouquets. They enjoyed learning the meaning behind the color of roses and the art of making beautiful bouquets.

Our third Saturday program featured Alan Mikolich, a local bee keeper. He gave a fascinating program about the life cycle of the honey bee, how honey bees came to our country, and the business of raising honey bees. This sweet lesson ended with a honey tasting. A big thanks to our dedicated 'Families in the Garden' committee for planning and preparing for this program.

Honey bees in the comb
Honey Bee Lesson

2014 Rose Show Update

Linda Black, Rose Show Chairman

Hi Rose Lovers, As you see, we have our new theme for the show. "A Rainbow of Roses" opens all kinds of possibilities. Come and join us and explore ideas to make this a most memorable event. Our next meetings are Wednesday, November 6th at the Assistance League at 1:00 pm and Thursday, November 21st after the member meeting.

2014 Rose Show Emblem
2014 Rose Show Emblem

Be Brave! Commit! Join a Committee

Committees are important to the functioning of our Society. Take a moment to look at the 2014 Committee List, click here. Please feel free to contact the Committee Chairs for additional information. On the home page of our website you can click on our event calendar as well. The calendar is still under construction so double check with the list below.

Dates, times and locations for the November committee meetings are as follows:
• Wednesday, November 6 - Families in the Garden from 10 am to noon, home of JoAnn Summers. Contact JoAnn Summers.
• Wednesday, November 6 - Rose Show from 1 pm to 3pm at the Assistance League, 28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula. Contact Linda Black.
• Tuesday, November 12 - Finance from 1 pm to 3 pm, home of Rebecca Weersing. Contact Rebecca Weersing.
• Thursday, November 14 - Board of Directors from 10 am to noon at the Assistance League, 28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula. Contact Frank Brines.
• Thursday, November 14 - Membership Awards from 12 pm to 1 pm at the Assistance League, 28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula. Contact Kathy Turgeon.
• Thursday, November 21 - Rose Show from 1 pm to 1:45 pm, 28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula. Contact Linda Black.
• Wednesday, November 27 - Rose Haven from 9:15 am to 11 am at Rose Haven. Contact Phyllis Bettelheim.

Rose Haven Update

by Bonnie Bell

The "Last Rose of Summer" dinner in the garden was a great success. Unfortunately the picnic area was muddy but that did not prevent us from having fun and stuffing ourselves with yummy food. Everyone was walking the paths, enjoying the scenery and new enhancements. Let's do it again next year.

Girl Scout troop 141 has taken on a continuing project to maintain the area surrounding the pond. They will visit every six weeks and we sincerely appreciate their volunteerism. They started their project late October and did an outstanding job.

There are spectacular blooms on the roses right now. They appreciate the cooler weather and so do we. Our volunteer days are Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Plenty of raking and some deadheading needs to be done.

Our next garden committee meeting is Wednesday, December 5th at 9:30. We welcome new members to attend. Garden address is 30592 Jedediah Smith Rd., Temecula. Please see our website for additional information at

Last Rose Dinner
Last Rose Dinner

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Rose Care FUNdamentals

by Frank Brines, Consulting Rosarian

Frank BrinesT emperatures in the Temecula Valley have moderated and recent humid mornings are making roses happy. Even so, some problems could result, such as powdery mildew and black spot. Your roses would benefit from a good rinsing to remove any dust; be sure to keep moisture off the blossoms to prevent the fungal disease Botrytis. You've probably completed the light mid-season pruning I suggested; if you pruned out dead and crossing canes through the middle of the plant you have probably improved the air circulation through your rose bushes; this is a good way to reduce fungal diseases, especially in humid conditions.

If you pruned in September and fertilized you are likely enjoying a showy bloom cycle now. Cutting some blooms now (and taking inside for bouquets) will assist having blooms around Thanksgiving. If you stagger your bloom cutting, you might have some for your holiday table. That "might" is the big unknown, with the main factor being the temperature (again!): The average first frost date in our area is about November 17. Don't apply any fertilizer after mid-November because it will only encourage tender growth that could be damaged by frost and it will forestall the dormancy your roses should be entering as the soil and general environment cools, daylight shortens, etc.

For this final application of the year you'll want to use a fertilizer lower in Nitrogen (N) and higher in Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K); that is, if your fertilizer has an N-P-K number on it, the first digit will be lower than the other two. If it lacks an N-P-K, read the ingredients and/or ask your professional nursery person for guidance. To explain: Nitrogen encourages foliage growth-something we want to discourage going into dormancy; Phosphate helps build root structure and resistance to stressful conditions (e.g., cold); Potassium is a helper of Phosphate and aids in bloom quality. If you use an organic fertilizer it will be readily available when the soil warms, adding to the nutrients needed for that Spring growth spurt.

Some people think Southern California lacks distinct seasons, but we do have seasons: They are only discerned by the more sophisticated palette! So get out of the house and enjoy the subtle delights of the air, sun, and the rich aroma of our magically misty Fall. When you have a moment to spare, or feel the need to get away, or when the day cools down, take your favorite beverage, a picnic basket, and visit Rose Haven Heritage Garden, 30592 Jedediah Smith Road, Temecula (cross street is Cabrillo Avenue).

Oh, one last thing-something to do when it gets just a bit too nippy out there: Now is the time to start perusing rose catalogs (printed and online) for that next "gotta have" rose variety. (Come on-you deserve it! You work hard to have lovely roses, so let yourself go! (And we expect to see you enter that perfect bloom in the next rose show in April!) Until next month, Happy Roses to you!

For more ideas, visit TVRS' Rose Haven garden at 30592 Jedediah Smith Rd.,
Temecula, as well as our web site at You might also want to visit our section at to find events of interest to you. Spread the joy of roses!

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for 2013
TVRS Members Meeting
Temecula Public Library – Community Room
30600 Pauba Rd., Temecula
3rd Thursday of the month. No meeting in July.
From 10:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

TVRS Board of Directors Meeting
Assistance League of Temecula
28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula
2nd Thursday of the month. No meeting in July.
From 10:00 a.m. to Noon.

Rose Haven 3rd Saturday Garden Workshop
30592 Jedediah Smith Rd., Temecula
3rd Saturday. No meeting in July, August & December.
From 9 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Rose Haven Garden Committee Meeting
30592 Jedediah Smith Rd., Temecula
4th Wednesday of the month.
From 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Little Rose Show Competition
at the monthly Member Meeting
Apr, May, June, Sept, Oct, Nov.
To see entry and judging criteria go here

Youth Gardening Council of Temecula Valley
Programs for youth 12 & under held on 3rd Sat from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
   Activities for 13 & older are coordinated by Barb Purdy & Kathy Katz.

Other Committee Meetings will be announced separately.

To see other events on our Society's event calendar click here.

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2013 Officers & Directors


President: Frank Brines
1st VP (Programs): Ron Rumbold
2nd VP (Membership): Kathleen Turgeon & Bernice Wendt
Secretary: Phyllis Bettleheim
Chief Financial Officer: Rebecca Weersing


Rose Festival 2013: Linda/Jocelyn Black
Rose Haven Heritage Garden: Bonnie Bell & Phyllis Bettelheim
Community Outreach:
  Blooming Angels — Peggy Whitney
  Little Rose Show — May Olson & Lenore Vogel


Phyllis Bettelheim
Linda & Jocelyn Black
Frank Brines
Jeanne Brubaker
Ann Coakes
Barb Purdy
Ron Rumbold
Kathleen Turgeon
Denise Vaccaro
Lenore Vogel
Rebecca Weersing
Peggy Whitney

Thank You to Our Friends

Erin's Tree Service
Pechanga Resort and Casino Grants
Corona Tools
Armstrong Garden Center
Agriscape of Murrieta
City of Temecula
CR&R Disposal
Riverside County 3rd District
Crop Production Services (formerly L&M Fertilizer)
Stater Bros. Market
Weeks Roses

For more information about our sponsors go here.

This newsletter is web‑published monthly for members. Temecula Valley Rose Society is a 501(c)(3) non‑profit corporation dedicated to the purpose of encouraging the appreciation, study, and culture of roses. Members are encouraged to join our affiliate, the American Rose Society, at

Our monthly Member meeting is held the 3rd Thursday of the month (excluding July and August) at 10:00 a.m. at the Ronald H. Roberts Public Library, Community Room B, 30600 Pauba Rd., Temecula. A light lunch is served at 11:30, and guests are welcome.

Our mailing address is
 Temecula Valley Rose Society
 PO Box 890367
 Temecula, CA 92589-0367

Do not send any mail to Rose Haven Garden on Cabrillo Ave. – there is no mail box there.

For additional information please visit our web site at

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