Temecula Valley Rose Society
Board Meeting Minutes
November 10, 2016

Temecula Valley Rose Society Board Meeting Minutes

Atria Vintage Hills, 41780 Butterfield Stage Road, Temecula
Present: Phyllis Bettelheim, Bonnie Bell, Virginia Boos, Betty Dixon, Barb Purdy, Ann Schryer, Kathy Turgeon, Rebecca Weersing

Absent: Frank Brines, Denise Vaccaro, Jeanne Brubaker, Patricia Hirsch

Call to order at 10:00 by Co-President Phyllis Bettelheim

Minutes of October, 2016 meeting approved as corrected
Treasurer's Report (detailed report attached to secretary's copy of minutes) Bonnie also needs budget estimates for committee for the coming year by November 30th.

Motions passed
  Motion to ratify checks 2463 - 2488 plus water and electric auto pay totaling $6,469.27
  Motion to ratify checks 2489-2496 plus water and electric autopay totaling $2,051.40

 Opportunity table/fundraising, (Jeanne) has Christmas items for November meeting.
 Membership, (Ann) reports no visitors. Ann will contact Don Wyncott for TVRS public relations position. We need a hospitality committee for November and for 2017.
 Youth Gardening, (Barb) Barb reports that they will be planting bulbs, garlic. The peas have disappeared. She has replanted more peas and would like to do a cleanup soon. Barb also discussed the shade structure for the Tree of Life Garden. Ann mentioned that her husband might consider building it.
Programs, (Patricia/Betty) Info is in the newsletter on the November speaker.

Community Education - Virginia will do a pruning demo in the garden on January 14th and her husband will also do a equipment demo.

Rose Haven (Phyllis/Betty) Phyllis reported Nardo is putting in gopher traps. Ann is looking into the pond refill device. We are waiting for the shade structure to be installed. We are considering filling the driveway with gravel. Check with Jim Moss about the gravel for prices and delivery

Grants (Betty/Bonnie) Betty has been searching for grants and we have not heard from the city of Temecula regarding our grant request.

Nominating Committee: Rebecca reports that Denise Vaccaro will be off the board. At the annual meeting, we will have an agenda. Please send Rebecca an email on the state of the society for the annual meeting.

The survey regarding lunch will be given out at the December Meeting. We have also received several donations totaling $300.

NEW BUSINESS - The Dates below may be subject to change
 Upcoming events: March or April - Photo Workshop
 Rose Show Meeting: May 18th
 Member Garden Tour: April 20th
 Plant Sale: May 12th

Adjourn at 11:37 Next meeting, December 8th at Atria Vintage Hills
Respectfully submitted, Kathy Turgeon, Secretary