Temecula Valley Rose Society
Board Meeting Minutes
September 8, 2016

Location: Rebecca's Office, Temecula Parkway, Temecula

Present: Bonnie Bell, Phyllis Bettelheim, Virginia Boos, Betty Dixon, Ann Schryer, Kathy Turgeon, Rebecca Weersing, Denise Vaccaro

Absent: Frank Brines, Patricia Hirsch, Jeanne Brubaker, Barb Purdy

Call to order at 10:00 am by Co-President Phyllis Bettelheim
Roll call and determine quorum
Reading of August minutes accepted as corrected.

Treasurer's report for month of August/Bonnie Ratify checks 2478-2482 plus autopay electric and water and DreamHost $1,151.50

Opportunity table/Fundraising: Virginia has collected items for the September meeting. She will give Jeanne a call to see when she will return and if she has plans for the December meeting.

Membership: Ann reports that the TVRS Facebook page has exploded. We have over 200 members. We discussed starting a "Friends of the Garden" group. Ann will put together a committee to explore this topic.

Youth Gardening: Barb Rebecca reports that the planter boxes will be repaired. There will be a third harvesting and planting.

Programs: Patricia/Betty September speaker will be: Gary Bulman, President of the San Diego Rose Society, His topic is: Roses, Of Course!. October is tour of Myrtle Creek.

Community Education: Frank Since Frank has moved the board decided to put in place some winter and spring programs (2017) regarding tools, gross and fine pruning and clean up. Virginia said she will give the pruning demos. September 21st from 9-11am will be a program for "Adults in the Garden."

Rose Haven: Bonnie, Phyllis, Rebecca committee reports that a second quote is forthcoming for a combo seal coat , and filling the potholes. Phyllis gave a report on the gazebo repair and suggested that it be held over for the Rose Haven Committee to discuss.

Grants: Rebecca & Betty Bonnie reported that we received $1,000 grant from Riverside County. Kathy Katz will apply for a $5,000 grant to be applied for the shade structure from the City of Temecula.

Old Business: The plant sale at Rose Haven Heritage Garden is set for 11/5. We will have 100 rose bushes (donation) in 5 gallon pots to sell.

New Business: Ann reports that a company in Fallbrook can supply an automatic water filler for the pond in the area of $300 to $500. She is going to check back with him in another month. Ann asks that each board member bring a guest to the general meeting. The nominating committee discussed who would be returning to the board and what positions were available.

Adjourn at 10:45am
Next meeting on October13th, 2016 at Atria Vintage Hills
Respectfully submitted: Kathy Turgeon, Secretary