Temecula Valley Rose Society
Board Meeting Minutes
August 11, 2016

Thursday, August 11,2016 Temecula Valley Rose Society Board Meeting Minutes
Atria Vintage Hills, 41780 Butterfield Stage Road, Temecula

Present: Bonnie Bell, Phyllis Bettelheim, Virginia Boos, Betty Dixon, Barb Purdy, Ann Schryer, Kathy Turgeon, Rebecca Weersing
Absent: Frank Brines, Jeanne Brubaker, Patricia Hirsch, Denise Vaccaro

Call to order at 9:50 am by Co-President Phyllis Bettelheim
Roll call and determine quorum
Reading of June minutes accepted as corrected.

Treasurer's report for month of June & July/Bonnie

 ● Ratify checks 2489-2473 plus autopay electric and water $1066.61 /June
 ● Ratify checks 2469-2477 plus autopay electric $808.08 /July

Motions passed

 ● The motion passed to begin the shade structure as soon as possible.
 ● Opportunity table/Fundraising: Virginia has collected items for the September Meeting. She will give Jeanne a call. A plant sale is in the planning stages; it is set for 11/5. We may have 100 rose bushes in 5 gal pots to sell.
 ● Membership: Ann would like to go on to "Go Fund Me" and contact our 150 followers and let them know about a need for funds for the multipurpose structure that will be built and installed in the garden. Ann urges all members to bring a friend to our general meetings.
 ● Youth Gardening: Barb At the last meeting of Saturday in the garden, Barb reported that the volunteers dug potatoes and planted tomatoes and that each volunteer went home with a watermelon. The cucumbers are coming in. She also discussed the vandalism in the garden and said that the McCabe's will fix it.

Patricia/Betty Val will give a talk about pests and diseases in the garden and Frank will put together an arrangement program for August. Community Education: Frank The arrangement school has been cancelled because Frank is moving to San Diego.

Rose Haven:
Bonnie, Phyllis, Rebecca Phyllis reports that the garden is quiet and that Nardo did extensive work before his vacation. Grants:
Rebecca & Betty Bonnie reported that we received $1,000. from Riverside County. We did not get the Roripaugh grant. Kathy Katz will apply for a grant from the city of Temecula.

Old Business:
In regard to the multi-purpose shade structure, Rebecca said she would put up the funds for the deposit (if we are short) to begin the building so it can be installed by October.

 ● Virginia got an estimate of $12,390. on Rose Haven driveway and parking lot re-pavement. Phyllis and Virginia will get two more bids.

New Business:
Ann suggests that the Rose Haven Pond needs an automatic water filler. It is Something that would have to be installed. Ann will investigate. There was a discussion on how to get younger members to become Temecula Valley Rose Society members.

Adjourn at 10:50am
Next meeting on September 8th, 2016 at Atria Vintage Hills
Respectfully submitted: Kathy Turgeon, Secretary