Temecula Valley Rose Society
Board Meeting Minutes
April 14, 2016

Present: Bonnie Bell, Phyllis Bettelheim, Frank Brines, Betty Dixon, Patricia Hirsch, Barb Purdy, Ann Schryer, Kathy Turgeon, Denise Vaccaro, Rebecca Weersing.

Absent: Virginia Boos, Jeanne Brubaker

Call to order at 10:02 by Co-President Phyllis Bettelheim
Minutes of March, 2016 meeting approved as read
Treasurer's Report (detailed report attached to secretary's copy of minute

Motions passed
Motion to ratify checks 2438 -2446 plus water and electric auto pay totaling $2,804.10

● Opportunity table/fundraising, (Jeanne) Jeanne will not be able to get any more product from Western Eagle. Each board member is asked to bring some appropriate items for the Opportunity table every month.

● Membership, (Ann) Ann reports that we are down in membership. She will be doing the membership orientation one on one.

● Youth Gardening, (Barb) Saturday, April 16th program will be an "Earth Day Program." It will include the planting of 12 apple trees, watermelon seeds and potatoes. We are looking for permanent markers for the apple trees. Barb reached out to Master Gardeners to help maintain the apple trees. We will meet April 20th at 9:00 to work on planting succulent bowls for the Rose Show & Arts Festival.

● Programs, (Patricia/Betty) Patricia passed out her schedule of program speakers for the year. She also discussed the member garden tour which will include: (1) Olsen (2) Franks (3) Moss (4) Boos (lunch)

● Community Education, (Frank) The arrangement school on October 15th is on schedule. Frank needs members to volunteer to make arrangements and there will also be other duties available.

● Rose Haven (Phyllis/Betty) Phyllis reports that Rose Haven is spectacular right now. The committee will talk about the tree trimming on April 27th. The Mormon Church will be out on May 21st with wheelbarrows and shovels to work in the garden and spread mulch.

● Rose Show 2016 (Rebecca) Rebecca reports that the show schedule will be available at the General Meeting, April 21st. The show will be casual and fun and all members are invited to participate. We need volunteers for set up and tear down and for a variety of other jobs on Saturday.

Communications - We are still searching for a coordinator.