Temecula Valley Rose Society
Rose Haven Planning Minutes
March 23, 2016

PRESENT: Betty, Frank, Jim, Carol, Bonnie, Phyllis


Porti-potti repositioned- screening rose planted

Rose bush obscuring Rose Haven entry sign trimmed

Trash can provided at parking lot

Mulch obtained - will be spread on May 21

New plants selected for metal gazebo border


Tree removal at MWD easement - will be gratis if company able to combine with other work in area - deadline June

Eagle Scout bicycle rack project - no word regarding plan approval as of March 23

Chain at MWD road access - sense of members present is that unlocked chain would not deter trespassers and that locked chain would present a major problem for us; therefore neighbors need to be informed of MWD right-of-way control and counseled to call police when necessary


Areas where mulch is to be spread on May 21 - Roses & Companion Plants, Specialty Roses, Formal Garden, and area along Cabrillo Road

Will provide a trash can at porti-potti

Will ask Nardo to repair piece of gazebo roof which has come loose

Agreed to relocate painted pony from storage shed

Postponed discussion of shade structure bids until request for funding received from Rorapaugh Foundation and agreed that bidder would be selected by majority vote