Temecula Valley Rose Society

Finance Committee Minutes

Temecula Valley Rose Society
Finance Committee Minutes
December 8, 2015 - the meeting was cancelled but here is pertinent information

Members: Bonnie Bell, Frank Brines, Jeanne Brubaker, Kathy Katz, Ron Rumbold, Rebecca Weersing

1. Reviewed November Financial Reports for Board meeting Thursday December 10, 2015.
2. Grants/long term funding/endowments:
 Projects identified: RH Sun-shelter - style to be selected and estimate obtained.
 Repave Parking lot.
 Grant applications to be requested from Roripaugh, Riverside Community Foundation and others.
 Eagle Scout leader has expressed interest in sun shelter project.
3. Inventory of plants at RH should be established. Bonnie/Frank
4. Recommend a portion of Finance meeting be spent on grant writing (or a separate meeting). Centralized prior grant applications to be used as reference material.
5. Restaurant Night to be held in spring 2016. Peggy/Kathy

Confirmed with accountant at ARS the proper method of depreciation for Land Improvements and Buildings.
Fixed Assets added to Balance Sheet in November.
2016 Budget meeting took place October 28th and finalized for Board approval December 10.

Submitted, Bonnie Bell, Treasurer