Temecula Valley Rose Society

Finance Committee Minutes

Temecula Valley Rose Society Finance Committee Minutes
October 6, 2015

Members Present: Bonnie Bell, Frank Brines, Jeanne Brubaker, Kathy Katz, Ron Rumbold, Rebecca Weersing

1. Reviewed September Financial Reports for Board meeting Thursday October 8, 2015.
2. MOTION: To approve September disbursements: checks 2397 - 2400 plus auto-pay water and electric.
3. Financial Reports are attached to Board Minutes and are posted at the monthly Member Meeting. A copy is available upon request to the Treasurer.
4. Grants/long term funding/endowments:

RH Sun-shelter - Rebecca and Betty have done preliminary research; style to be determined and estimates obtained. Betty received phone call from Roripaugh - apply for 2016 grant. Also Investigate grants available from Community Foundation, and others.

5. Restaurant Night fundraising event will be in fall. Peggy/KathyT. to follow up.
6. Capital Improvement backup for Land Improvements and Buildings complete. Fixed Asset net amounts to be added to Balance Sheet upon review of accountant.
7. Inventory of plants at RH should be established.
8. Recommend a centralized grant writing process library to contain all grants submitted in the past for future reference.
9. Opportunity Table - Jeanne filling in as chairperson -several gifts have been donated by Western Eagle Foundation.
10. Possible outreach opportunity in August 2016 - host ARS Arrangement Judge's seminar and examination.
11. Recommend End of Year donation request with the tax deduction incentive. December.

Submitted, Bonnie Bell, Treasurer