Tree of Life Meeting

September 25, 2015


In Attendance:  Rebecca Weersing and Barb Purdy


A plan for the new Tree of Life programs for all ages was discussed.  We decided that it was going to be a year of experiment, moving forward with a few test programs. 

We will evaluate these programs and expand based on the results.  We also need more help from members to implement new programs so that will be a limiting factor. 

Decisions that were made are the following:

·         There will be a system of letters and numbers to identify each area and each raised bed in each area.  This will help us keep accurate records of our successes and failures. 
Rebecca suggested using stencils for the letters and numbers

·         The first program in the T.O.L. will be when the Families in the Garden (3rd Saturday Program) use the garden for planting in the fall. 

o   In October winter vegetable seeds, herb plants and a donated lemon tree (from me) in the raised beds were suggested (to be determined at the Families in the Garden meeting). 

o   In November garlic bulbs in the raised beds and planting the quilt garden were suggested (to be determined at the Families in the Garden Meeting). 

o   We also discussed planting under the trellises (peas and blackberries)

§  There are issues with trellis planting as the soil is hard and the wire is hard to reach under.  Rebecca will talk to McCabe’s about adding a water line outside the trellis for planting
 in front of it and cutting the wire a little higher on one side for planting between the wires.

·         The second program in the T.O.L. will be a possible cooperative program with Van Avery Prep School.  A Science Teacher has expressed an interest in this program, so we will reach out to her and
determine its feasibility.  This would be for Middle School students.  We hope to build this into a high school program as these students move on to their various high schools.

·         We discussed having high school event days.  This would be an opportunity for community service hours for them and give us a chance to connect with the high school students. 
This would also provide us additional help periodically with garden planting and maintenance. These event days would be planned in advanced and advertised at the high school.

·         Boy Scout/Girl Scout troop programs will be put on hold for now.

·         Maintenance of planted beds in the fall will be handled by Barb Purdy with the help of Alicia Cline and Alexis Guardiola.  Rose Society Members are also encouraged to help so we can
 start building a group of people who know the garden and are interested in helping on a consistent basis.  This will be once a week and possibly be on Saturday mornings.