May 14th, 2015

Temecula Valley Rose Society Board Meeting Minutes

Assistance League of Temecula, 28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula CA


Present:  Bonnie Bell, Phyllis Bettelheim, Frank Brines, Jeanne Brubaker, Ann Coakes, Betty Dixon, Barb Purdy, Ron Rumbold, Rebecca Weersing, Ann Schryer, Kathy Turgeon, Denise Vaccaro.

Absent:  Linda Black.


Meeting called to order at 10:10 AM by Co-President Phyllis Bettelheim.

Minutes of April, 2015 meeting approved as corrected.

Treasurer's Report (detailed report attached to secretary's copy of minutes)


Motions passed

Motion to ratify checks plus auto-pay for April - #2360-2369, total $2,702.30.

Motion to accept new members: Ben and Brenda Johanbani.



Frank gave a final report on the show – attendance,150-200.  Final financials are not complete yet.

Rose Show, 2016 -  Date, Saturday, April 23 at the Assistance League. A suggestion was made that

            a thank you note, photo and a cookbook will go to the artist for their participation.

Membership Chair, Ann reports that the new member Orientation was successful.

Youth Gardening Chair, Barb reports that April program on Earth Day program went well. Attendance was down a little

            but Barb reports that attendance does vary each month.

Rebecca reports that “The Tree of Life” work will begin on May 19th and they will be digging trenches for 2 weeks and

            the last thing they will do is put up the fencing.  Everything has been removed.

Rebecca reports that the Member Garden Tour will begin at Rose Haven and will proceed to Virginia Boos,

            Barb Purdy, Ron & Sochi’s and lunch will be at Ann Coakes.

Phyllis reports that the Taco Party was very successful with 43 people attending. She will present a questionnaire

            at the June Meeting regarding improvement ideas for the TVRS.



The committee to work on legal issues at Rose Haven will meet after today's Board Meeting.

Frank is still investigating the Galway Downs Project.



Rose Haven Projects – Phyllis reports Helping Hands were there to spread the mulch on April 25th,

Bonnie, Frank, Sochi, Jeannie and Kathy Katz are caretakers of the Opportunity Table.



Flowers for Friends – Ann and Peggy will try and recruit new members on this committee.

Brian will give us estimates on erosion control and work on the walk ways at Rose Haven.

Ann Coakes will give a short presentation in June on her favorite rose.

Kathy and Peggy will look for a restaurant fundraiser for the fall. 

Ann also gave us a price on Water Lilly’s for the Rose Haven Pond.  She will pick up the lily’s and will

            also donate $100. to this project.  So the society will only pay $89.

Awards nominations will be taken up at next month board meeting.

Frank brought up a project for TVRS.  He proposes that we have an arrangement class that is put on by

            ARS.  It will take place in the Fall of 2016. The ARS will provide the staff and the schooling.  We

            arrange the box lunch and the room.  The board members felt it would be a good idea.
    Frank will follow-up and bring more information to the board in the coming months.


Meeting adjourned at 11:35pm by Co-President Phyllis


Next meeting 10:00 AM on June 11th , at the Assistance League of Temecula,

28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula CA

Respectfully submitted, Kathy Turgeon, Secretary