Temecula Valley Rose Society

Finance Committee Minutes

April 7, 2015


Members Present: Bonnie Bell, Frank Brines, Ron Rumbold, Rebecca Weersing. Kathy Katz, Jeanne Brubaker


  1. Reviewed March Financial Reports for Board meeting Thursday April 9, 2015.
  2. MOTION: March disbursements: checks 2349-2359 and auto-pay water and electric approved. 

Financial Reports attached to Board Minutes and are posted at the monthly Member Meeting.

A copy is available upon request to the Treasurer.

  1. Grants/long term funding/endowments:

Pechanga grant approval received. 

RH Sun-shelter – Rebecca and Betty have done preliminary grant research. The American Dermatology Assoc. may have grants available.  Estimate needed.

RH pathway safety/erosion control.  Estimate needed.  3rd district may have grant available.

RH Tree of Life garden renovation on hold.

  1. Fundraising event. Suggested restaurant night(s). June and/or September.  Peggy/Kathy T. 
  2. Reporting of capital improvements at RH on Balance Sheet. Gathering backup detail.
  3. Opportunity Table – Jeanne and another member will chair for time being.  Several members volunteered to bring appropriate items.
  4. Reviewed 1st qtr. Budget to Actual.
  5. Annual Financial Review was completed and will be presented to Board April 9, 2015.                                        


Submitted, Bonnie Bell, Treasurer