Families in the Garden – Minutes

January 7th, 2015


1.  Our Event:

            Children will plant sprout Brussel Sprouts, pea seeds in Dixie Cups, and practice the art of digging holes with our red shovels.


Details: Children will be divided into 3 groups during the registration process. Upon arriving at the Tree of Life Garden the three groups will be directed to one of the three activity areas:

(A) Planting a seed to take home,

(B) Planting a sprouted plant, and

(C) practice digging holes.

Kids will rotate through all three activities.


Our assignments:

Mi-ae photographer and snacks.

Alicia and Victoria Cline (Rebecca’'s niece) registration.

Barb, JoAnn, Fay, directing the planting of spouted plants.

Karen, Rebecca (Rebecca brings table) at table planting seeds—to also include magnifying glasses and objects to study.

Kathy, digging holes.

Joann W, designing flyer.

Barb: planter mix—sprout a few peas for seed table and soak seeds night before event.

JoAnn; water, big craft sticks, registration materials, paper cups, magnifiers.


Equipment: big craft sticks for marking where to dig for planting broccoli  red shovels, Dixie cups, magnifiers, extra tables, objects to view, planter mix, snacks, water,


2. Discussion of our budget for the coming year:

    (A) Operating fund: $1,500. This covers Families in the Garden, Pollinator Garden and high school students. Rebecca suggested renting a tent for our Earth Day event as well as continuing our Bat Lady program with part of this money. It was suggested we try to get our alpaca neighbors to talk at the Earth Day program. Related activities for this to be decided.

  *   (B) Capital Improvement fund: Our committee  will meet  10:00 AM on Wed. January 21st at Rebecca’s house to discuss this important subject.


3. Discussion on format for Discovery Hikes:

            We need to research ideas etc. to include what we want the children to learn about our garden.