Temecula Valley Rose Society Finance Committee Minutes

January 6, 2015


Members Present: Bonnie Bell, Frank Brines, Ron Rumbold, Rebecca Weersing.


  1. Reviewed December Financial Reports for Board meeting Thursday, January 8, 2015.
  2. MOTION: To approve December disbursements: checks 2329-2332 and auto-pay water and electric.
  3. Balance Sheet: Reviewed checking and savings account totals.

Financial Reports attached to Board Minutes and are posted at the monthly Member Meeting.  A copy is available upon request to the Treasurer.

  1. Evaluated year end Budget to Actual 2014.
  2. Grants/long term funding/endowments. RH Sun-shelter – Rebecca has done grant research and Ron to contact dermatologist.
  3. Donations for future RH projects received. Funds in savings account.
  4. Pechanga letter of intent re-submitted mid-November by Ann.  Open.
  5. Fundraising event next spring to be determined.  Frank                                   


Submitted, Bonnie Bell, Treasurer