December 11, 2014 Temecula Valley Rose Society Board Meeting Minutes


Assistance League of Temecula, 28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula CA


Present: Bonnie Bell, Phyllis Bettelheim, Frank Brines Jeanne Brubaker, Kathy Turgeon, Rebecca Weersing.

Absent: Lenore Vogel, Barb Purdy, Ron Rumbold, Ann Coakes.

Guests: Kathy Katz.


Meeting called to order at 10:20 AM  by  President Frank Brines.

Minutes of November 2014 meeting approved as read.


Treasurer's Report (detailed report attached to secretary's copy of minutes).


Ratified checks

 2319-2328 and AutoPay  Electric Total.


Motions passed

• Accepted new members Michael and Jo Ann Momeni.

• Accepted with regret resignation  of 2015 Board member Kathy Katz.

• Appointed Linda Black to 2015 Board.

• Officers for 2015 accepted:  Co-Presidents, Rebecca Weersing & Phyllis Bettelheim:  1st VP Programs, Linda Black:  2nd VP Membership , Ann Coakes:  Secretary, Kathy Turgeon:  Chief Financial Officer, Bonnie Bell.

• Accepted 2015 budget.


Action Items Completed

• Fund raiser at Maria P. on hold.


Action Items pending -

• Rebecca will chair a 3-5 person committee which will investigate legal responsibilities re: Rose Haven (signage, police protection etc.).

• Galway Downs project - meeting in January with Ken.

• Ann will investigate possibility of having rose show at the Temecula Mall.

• Proposal for sponsorship of Rose Haven resubmitted  to Pechanga. Awaiting response.

• Review 2114 budget.

• Changes in opportunity table drawings--starting with January 2015 member meeting.



• Rebecca will chair member meetings and attend Finance, Communications & Education /Outreach committee meetings.

• Phyllis will chair Board meetings and attend Rose Haven, Membership & Programs committee meetings.


Executive Committee will meet after March 12  Board meeting


Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM by President Frank Brines


Next meeting 10:00 AM January 9, 2015


Assistance League of Temecula Valley, 28720  Via Montezuma, Temecula CA


Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis Bettelheim