April 10, 2014 Temecula Valley Rose Society Board Meeting Minutes


Assistance League of Temecula, 28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula CA


Present: Bonnie Bell, Phyllis Bettelheim, Frank Brines, Jeanne Brubaker, Ann Coakes, Barb Purdy, Ron     Rumbold, Kathy Turgeon,  Lenore Vogel

Absent:, Rebecca Weersing,

Guests: Linda Black,


Meeting called to order at 10:15 AM  by Vice President Jeanne Brubacker

Minutes of March 13, 2014 meeting approved as read


Treasurer's Report (detailed report attached to secretary's copy of minutes)


Motions passed

Accept new members Karen Lilley, Marlene Buckman, Thelma Dorig, Diane Robecky, Sally Russell, Helen Chichester, Micha Grayson, Dan and Bridget Wyncott, Marlinda Curd, Jerie Palmer, Shelly Craig, Judy McIntosh,


Action Items Completed

Macy's 'Shop for a Cause' information has been received - the date is August 23

Board members are to send suggestions for restaurants for fundraisers to Peggy W.  Dates to be on member meeting days.

Membership has contacted all non-renewing members.  As of April 10 we have 87 paid members

USC student researcher has been notified that Rose Haven is not applicable for his study

June 21 activity at Rose Haven-solar lights obtained.  City will provide refreshments, musicians, luminaries, transportation from Old Town

Taco party at Rose Haven on October 4. Bonnie will serve as contact person from September 30

Additional floral Arrangement classes likely not likely to be held until 2015


Action Items pending

Frank will contact Maria P. re: numbers, menu ,guests other than Rose Society members

Galway Downs , possible fund raiser

Rose Haven tour brochure - Wayne collecting information

Kathy T will contact American Public Gardens  and local media re: National Public Garden Day (May 8) Garden will be open for tours

Ron will prepare an updated organization chart

SWOT should be revisited by July 25 - Ron has updated comments

Steve B. informed the Board of issues involved with electronic donations-Finance Committee will investigate

Rose Show preparations on track

Frank will contact Pacific Southwest District with our event list

We will prepare a proposal for sponsorship of Rose Haven to be presented to Pechanga. First meeting April 17


Meeting adjourned at 12:09 AM by President Frank Brines

Next meeting 10:am May 8, 2014  Assistance League of Temecula Valley, 28720 Via Montezuma Temeula CA


Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis Bettelheim