Temecula Valley Rose Society

Communications Committee Minutes

June 19, 2014

1. Facebook-administrator information:
Alexis volunteered to look at all our Facebook accounts and will endeavor to find a way to connect them all. Currently Barb is administrator of 'Gardening for Kids in Temecula'. We have an old Facebook page related to youth gardening that needs to be eliminated. The Facebook page for the Rose Society also needs to be updated and kept current. Joann Weersing is also an adviser for matters relating to Facebook. She and Alexis should be able to work together to smooth out our use of Facebook.

Alexis will meet with those interested in learning how to use Google Drive. Meeting will be at Starbucks on Winchester and Ynez, July 11 at 10:00 A.M. Alexis will send the committee a confirmation e-mail. Thanks Alexis.

2. Social Media benefits--Joann Weersing:
Joann W. was not at our meeting and we will address this item at our August meeting.

3. Linda Black will continue using Meet Up to promote our unique garden during the summer months. The monthly Meet Up announcements for hands-on work in the garden will be discontinued during the summer and continued next fall as we assess our needs. Thanks Linda for doing a great job.

4. New Communications Director for 2014-2015: Yes, JoAnn Summers was surprised but somehow flattered this assignment.

5. Reports from John Weersing--Newsletter & website:
John requested we go over the survey about the website by the TVRS organization. We will do this at our August meeting. We all agreed that the work John does on the newsletter is outstanding and a valuable asset to our organization's place in the community.

6. JoAnn Summers and Barb Purdy, Youth Gardening:
JoAnn commented on using the Facebook link, Temecula Talks, as a successful way of reaching young families. We will continue to access the other media to advertise our Families in the Garden program . JoAnn proposed a comprehensive news article for the Neighbor's magazine, to include all the current programs and activities of the garden. We did not set up a definite time for completion of this or who would be responsible for writing it up.

 7. Brainstorm on communications for the coming year.