Families in the Garden Planning meeting

4-2-2014   Minutes


I. Overview of Earth Day program for April 19, 2014

    We have planned a program in partnership with the Sierra Club. The ‘Families in the Garden’ program will feature three interest areas; composting worms, nest building materials, and monarch butterflies. This begins at 9:30 A.M. and ends at 10:30 A.M.

The Sierra Club will offer a self-guided discovery hike of the garden and participants are asked to bring a lunch and share in a birthday cake dedicated to John Muir, the founder of the Sierra Club.

II. Activities and Assignments:

     A. Nest building material:

        1. Committee members will gather the following all natural materials for filling the

         net bags: string cut into small 3” pieces, ribbon, small twigs, leaves, feathers, cloth

         strips, moss, filling from old down comforters etc. We need straw from the garden.

        2. Dianne and Rebecca will be in charge of this activity

        3.  JoAnn will bring the netting, scissors, hand wipes

    B. Composting worms:

         1. Barb and Mi-ae will do this activity

         2. Kathy will supply the worms, plastic table cloth, and hand outs of how to take

             care of the worms for composting.

         3. Materials: long table, plastic cloth, plastic gloves, and worms.

    C. Monarch butterflies:

          1. JoAnn and Fay will lead this activity

          2. Fay will bring plants appealing to butterflies (nectar )

          3. JoAnn will bring a mock up of a ‘Way Station’ environment for the Monarch

          butterfly, craft materials, and handout of ways to save the Monarchs.

    D. Management jobs:

          1. Mi-ae and Rebecca will register guests and inform them of ending time.

              Mi-ae bringing snacks. JoAnn will bring water.             

          2. Mi-ae is time keeper and will announce the end of our activities, the next

              program on May 17th (bouquets) and invite them to donate to our program.

         3. Mi-ae will introduce Margaret M., and others from the Sierra Club, and they will

              conduct their part of the Earth Day program.

         4. Our committee will clean up our area and put away any tables etc.

          5. Barb will put up the banner a week prior to the program.

III. Other business:

          1. Barb shared item from Project Wildlife on their fund raiser for baby animals. It

              was suggested we may want to get involved with this.

          2. Dianne suggested a Tea Party in the garden as a possible fund raiser for

              “Families in the Garden”. To be discussed later.

          3. Owl rescue was mentioned as a possible program for next year.

          4. We agreed not to make and sell succulent center pieces at the rose show and not

               to have an information table.

IV.  Next planning meeting: May 7, 2014