December 12,  2013 Temecula Valley Rose Society Board Meeting Minutes

Assistance League of Temecula,28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula CA

Meeting called to order at 10:15 by Vice-President Ron Rumbold


Present:   Phyllis Bettelheim, Linda Black, Jocelyn Black, Frank Brines,  Jeanne Brubaker,  Ron Rumbold, Denise Vaccaro  Lenore Vogel ,Rebecca Weersing ,Peggy Whitney

Absent . Ann Coakes, Barb Purdy, Kathy Turgeon,,  Guest:  Bonnie Bell

October minutes were approved  as corrected

Treasurer's Report  (Detailed report attached to secretary's copy of minutes)

Wells Fargo bank balances

                                    October 31

            Checking                      $4,587.69

            Money Mkt.                  $2,500.08

            Petty Cash                   $    40.00           

            Total                            $7,127.77

            Opportunity table          $   100.00

            Rose Haven Donatioms $     92.65

            Society Operations Don..$   250.00

            Ways and Means          $     25.00


ratify checks 2239-2243 for a total of $916.95

ratify auto-pay utilities electric $22.62 . for a total of $22.62


Motions Carried

·                  Adopt 2114 Budget

·                  Bronze medal will be awarded in January - add to standing rules

·                  Approved expenditure for food for December General Meeting not to exceed $100

·                  Accept with regret the resignations of Linda and Jocelyn Black from the 2014 TVRS Board

·                  Approve slate of officers for 2014:


Action items completed  

·                  Two Board pledges received--one remaining

·                  Fund raising dinner.  was held evening of October 17 at California Pizza Kitchen -  $116.00 collected

·                  Temporary directional signage needed at Rose Haven has been prepared

·                  Nominating Committee report for 2014.  President Frank Brines:, VP Programs Jeanne Brubaker:, VP Membership Ann Coakes,: CFO Bonnie Bell,: Secretary Phyllis Bettelheim

·                  KeywaysWinery is not interested in working with TVRS at this time


Action items pending

·                  Galway Downs - early 2014 - Frank  

·                  Society history needs to be collected - Wayne is working on this.   Needs Contact  numbers for society founders

·                  Macy's s shop for a Cause - after 1st of year --  Kathy T

·                  Rose Show - Will be April 26 at Assistance League

·                  Portable amplification system - Frank

·                  Rebecca will meet with City regarding possible city sponsored activities at Rose Haven and other locations



·                  December  Harveston arrangement class was well attended

Meeting adjourned at 11:02

  Next meeting 10 00 am, January 9, 2014  Assistance League 28720 Via Montezuma, Temecula CA

Respectfully submitted,      Phyllis Bettelheim    Secretary