Minutes of Families in the Garden meeting

October 2, 2013


Attending: Kathy, Dianne, Mi-ae, Fay, Barb, JoAnn



1. Registration process:

   We agreed our simplified process went very well. It was suggested we incorporate an evaluation/suggestion form. We decided on a short form to be available at the registration table. This will be mentioned to parents as they register and a reminder given while the kids are doing their craft. The form can be folded and put in the donation box. Mi-ea will inform parents of the evaluation and JoAnn will make up the form. JoAnn will keep the registration and evaluation forms for bookkeeping purposes and future grant possibilities.

2. Porta Potty:

    Our Porta Potty is taken care of weekly by the company providing it. The cost for this convenience is $70.00 per month. It is clean. We want visitors to our program to be aware of its location. Kathy will make two signs pointing out its location. Mi-ae will find a small trash receptacle for the potty. The signs will be used only during our program. Clean up will include making sure the Porta Potty is presentable when we leave. Barb will furnish hand sanitizer for this as well as for our projects.

3. The Bee Program:

    We are in need of seating for this program: tarps, extra folding chairs would be appreciated. Contact JoAnn if you can bring these. We will need at least two tables set up. If the high school kids could help get this ready it would be appreciated.

It was suggested we get our Bee Keeper a small gift of boxed cookies and a card as a thank you.

4. Craft project:

     Fay’s bee pencil project was chosen. We are to look for and buy black and yellow pipe cleaners. If you see and buy these please contact all of us. JoAnn will buy the small google eyes, we have glue and pencils.

5. Sign promoting next program:

            JoAnn will add this to our white board and include it when introducing the speaker.

6. Winter garden :

    Suggestions for take home projects:

We are in the process of finding successful take home projects. We discussed using

succulents, paper whites, and other seed in cup ideas. Please continue thinking about this important part of our program.

   As part of the winter garden program Barb suggested we have a brief exploration of the   garden to acquaint children with what’s growing. Barb plans on having the high schoolers plant radishes and lettuce on Oct. 12 so our first garden program Nov. 16 will have some radishes and lettuce to sample.

Rebecca is in charge of what will be planted in November by our Family in the Garden kids.    

7. Humming Bird Lady

    Suzanne will confirm a date for this outstanding program.

Submitted: JCS October, 3, 2013