Minutes from Youth Gardening  Meeting


November 1, 2012


In attendance were: Margaret, Rebecca, Kathy, Barb, and JoAnn. We missed Brenda and Mi-ae.


From the agenda:

Current program agreed on at June Meeting:


·       Full programs in Sept, Oct,. April and May. April will be an Earth Day theme. The May program will co-ordinate with ‘The First Bloom’ event with the Rose Society.

·       Minimal programs in Nov., Jan., Feb., and March.

·       Special request programs



  *   I. No program is planned for Nov. 2012, as many of our members have other obligations.  (Please note training meeting for Nov. 10th below.) 

      II. The vegetable garden will be used for our minimal programs.

         Suggested activities:

         1. planting in the garden

         2. planting seeds in paper cups for a take home activity

         3. practice using garden tools; shovel, hoe, clippers etc

         4. harvesting

 III. Participation:

        1. High schoolers and as many of our youth garden members as   possible.

         2. Notice will be given to the newspapers, Patch, and face book advertising our ‘Families in the Garden’ minimal program for these months.

         3 Decisions on what to do for our mini programs will be made at our monthly meetings.


IV. Special request programs for groups such as Girl Scouts, Home School Groups etc.  



After much discussion the committee decided not to advertise the use of the garden by special groups. We will use ‘word of mouth’ for this year. We will be prepared to offer the following activities:


   1. tours of the garden using the discovery guide format.

   2. garden related crafts; making bouquets, the petal picture, coloring, bird building bags, bat craft etc.

   3. Accommodating special interests or needs will considered on a case by case request, i.e. Girl Scout badge work, etc.


Assignments and Commitments:


*   1. We will meet at the garden Nov. 10, 2012 from 9-10 to evaluate the Discovery Hikes and learn about the garden. All members please try to make this meeting so we can have a group ready for special request groups.


   2. Kathy     Will receive all requests for Special Requests (these are usually by phone) She will discuss the options available with the person requesting the program which are: 1) garden tour/discovery hike, 2) craft, 3) activity in the Tree of Life. She will also ask for a general idea of when they want to come, how many children and what ages.

     She will contact the person responsible for coordinating that activity  (listed below) and that person will then work with the group to set the program up and find volunteers to help to help them ( from our Youth Gardening group). The coordinator has the responsibility to say yes or no to the group depending on their availability and an adequate number of volunteers. (remember, small groups requesting something simple can usually be handled by a few as 2 volunteers)


   3. JoAnn     Has volunteered to be coordinator for the craft requests.


   4. Margaret   Has volunteered to be coordinator for the hike requests.


   5. Barb   Has volunteered to be coordinator for the Tree of Life requests.     


Other Items discussed.


1. We would like to have speakers such as The Bat Lady for our Sept, Oct. and April, May, programs plus a coordinating craft or hands on activity. Please let our committee know if you have any ideas for speakers who we could consider for our programs.


2. We will get rid of the wire in the vegetable garden and just use shade cloth. We will adopt a ‘free range’ type of garden.


3. Barb will send out an e-mail to our committee on what needs to be done in the Tree of Life Garden every Saturday.(we are always encouraged to come out and help)  This was suggested because Rebecca and Kathy have to coordinate the student volunteers when Barb is not there and they want this information in writing.


4. Rebecca offered to do a brief rose related topic at our TVRS meetings.

5. Barb will bring photos of our activities to share at the TVRS meetings.


6. Next meeting date was not set at this time.

Submitted by: JoAnn Summers